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New BF2142 vehicles?

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  • New BF2142 vehicles?

    Check this out...I've not yet seen these advertised in game...but some people clearly have.

    Dr. S.
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    Wow, that vehicle that looks like an APC look cool. Can't wait to jump on to a server with Dr.S, but for now that will have to wait.
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      There is a full topic somewhere on Gamespy about these pictures (ah... found it again: here)

      From the forums and the pictures, I gathered this:

      - 1: The Goliath should be an Infantry Combat Vehicule, a kind of APC. With heavier weaponry but not launching pods.

      - 2: The Hachimoto should be a new PAC Fast Attack Vehicule (FAV), hovercraft with no sprint ability.

      - 3: The two other posters leave for imagination of at least two new maps (city and ice base)

      - 4: The Goliath and Hachimoto posters brought some experts to seer a new game mode ("Supply line" a kind of massive frontal assault conquest mode, where each side has to take the flags in a certain (and opposite) order while protecting a supply train moving from one flag to the newly captured flag)

      - 5: Heavy artillery barrage about any attempt of commercial booster packs.


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