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Interested BF 2142 players X-Fire/Player list

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  • Interested BF 2142 players X-Fire/Player list

    OK Guys,

    I know Santa has brought loads of BF 2142 copies everywhere, so time to organise our community, and get some real ACG squad action...

    1)ACG: SAND
    2)Xfire: Albeyron
    3)BF2142: Albeyron

    Bonne année à tous!

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    I'm in!

    I made 1st Lt (Silver) yesterday, and I'm itching to get a regular Squad going. I have all the Support unlocks, all the standard unlocks, all Squad Leader unlocks and I'm only 2 away from having all the Assault unlocks - it would be great to get an ACG Squad under way.

    1) ACG: Doctor Sinister
    2) XFire: Doctor Sinister
    3) BF2142: DoctorSinister

    Dr. S.
    Imagine a ball of iron, the size of the sun. And once a year a tiny sparrow brushes its surface with the tip of its wing. And when that ball of iron, the size of the sun, is worn away to nothing, your punishment will barely have begun.


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      I've downloaded and played the demo. Actually I did more running around and mashing keys than actually 'playing'.

      However, seems like a great game! I haven't played anything since I spent waaaaaayyy too much time playing Team Fortress (Halflife version, even ran my own dedicated server). So I'm in!

      Off to buy the retail version this weekend, then a bit of practice and I'll be looking for ACG folks.

      Game on line as KzinVC (Roadkiller was taken )

      Do they still use clan "tags" online? Perhaps the ACG folks could put an ACG tag up to make it easier to find them.
      Amateurs study tactics, Professionals study logistics.


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        ACG-Marshal Murat
        BF2142-Argylhero OR MarshalM
        For despite the silly sayings about violence never settling anything, history IS changed on the battlefield: ask the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
        -Jerry Pournelle-
        Introduction to 'Hammer's Slammers'


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          BF2142: Tankobite
          And it's over the mountain and over the Main,
          Through Gibralter, to France and Spain.
          Pit a feather tae your bonnet, and a kilt aboon your knee,
          Enlist my bonnie laddie and come awa with me.


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