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  • Getting bored with BF2142? Not yet!!!

    Christmas afternoon, waiting for the whole familly to invade the house... The turkey is ready, the Foie Gras looks gorgious, the cousins sounds irritating...

    Just playing a quick BF2142 game, while everybody get dressed.

    First game: 8 players, a Clan guy in a gunship kills everybody. OK, bye!

    Second game: 48 players. Titan. The ennemy shields are down when I enter. Ok, let's try to assault this big thing. 6 attempts, every single corridors seems to be crowded with mines and machinegun campers... OK, bye!

    Third game: Let's have a try at this 32 players Conquest game in Shubia Taiba.

    The game begins, we leave together the base, everyone in tanks, transports, shoppers. 3-4 tanks at least. We move toward the hill. I lead a 5-6 soldiers squad. In the second point, I grab a walker, soon another walker joins me up.
    I see Doc Sinister joining the game and my squad, nice!

    Our mechanised attack leads us to the top of the hill, and we keep on on the ennemy side. There, I order my squad to stop and defend. For 10 minutes we resist the ennemy counter-attacks. With my gunner, we succeed to detroy two ennemy walkers, two tanks and a gunship. The score is 130-100.

    After a while, thanks to choppers, the ennemy bypasses successfully our defense. We have to retreat to defend our rear positions. The action is hectic: attacks/counter-attacks, our squad is fighting till the last blood, we are facing at least one other organised squad. I have set up the squad bacon just near the top of the hill, so we can jump directly near the action and rush either to the Offices, either to the refinery. The ennemy makes it even 60-60!

    Somehow, the ennemy squad locates our bacon. A walker gets close with some infantry support. I jump, I just have the time to kill a grunt before to get shot. I glance Doc Sinister taking cover and getting 2 ennemy soldiers with his machine gun. I jump again, this time I have taken my Anti-tank missile launcher. I manage to land just next to the walker, he moves to get a shot at me, but I'm already between his legs, sending a naughty missile under his soft belly. End of the walker. After this success, we launch a succesfull counter attack till the top of the hill. Secure it, then move forward to the next point and defend again. With Doc Sinister we manage to destroy two ennemy raids in buggies. 60-20.

    The game is nearly over, we just sit and defend. Just the time for me to congratulate my squad and the ennemy for this game.

    This was a great game, one of those whose souvenir keeps you coming back to BF2142!

    Merry X-Mas all!

    (BF2142: Albeyron)
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    Yeah, I just had time for one quick round this afternoon - I logged on and saw that Sand (Albeyron) was online so I headed straight over, knowing I would get a good team game if I joined up with him.

    And it was indeed a great game - very close at times, I got into the usual "duels" with some other players - you know, those times when you get wasted so you go hunting for that player to get revenge - that kind of duel.

    At times we had the edge, other times, it was all we could do to survive. At one stage, the enemy pushed a Walker, a Tank and an APC into one area, with a Gunship overhead - we barely held. The other side had good organisation, but we were better and reacted faster, that's what it's all about! I love this game.

    Am now an Officer!!

    Dr. S.
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      everyone in tanks, transports, shoppers.
      Well, I say, the subliminal ads about Christmas are working!
      For despite the silly sayings about violence never settling anything, history IS changed on the battlefield: ask the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
      -Jerry Pournelle-
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        Congratulations Dr.S, I can't wait to start playing BF2142 but I have to wait for my new, broadband internet to be installed before I start playing online.
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