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ACG Article: BF2142: 150 Years of Battlefield Lessons?

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    Originally posted by Marshal Murat View Post
    Having now purchased the game Im changing my vote to Fanboy. Recoil wasn;t that bad (maybe I'm just good with teh support gun) and Fanboy now makes more sense.
    Hurrah!!! I'll make sure to, erm, tell him.

    Dr. S.
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      Wow, Strategy was terribly wrong with Titans. I've never had the same experiance, not once or twice. It's always different. Par example, I chose to sit on high and blast the world into oblivion. Silo 1 Taken over? Wham, ten shells of pain and suffering on site (Or close enough). I killed maybe 2 or 3 guys like that. Its a success.

      I've become suicidal, launching an EMP between the legs of a walker, then slipping the nade into one of the vents. Its amazing (but alomst 100% deadly).
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