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The Ship: Free This Weekend On Steam

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  • The Ship: Free This Weekend On Steam

    Anyone giving this one a tryout? I'm downloading it now.

    "The Ship, a massively mysterious thriller (MMT) from Outerlight Ltd, is scheduled for a free four-day tour of the full game, open to everyone via Steam, the leading online distribution platform. The Free Full Game Trial of The Ship casts off Thursday, November 2 at 1 pm PST and will conclude on Sunday, November 5 at the same time."
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    In case you missed it the first time, it's making another free run this weekend. I played it for a few hours, but the servers / majority of the players then were French, it seemed. If you are looking for an original game, check this one out.

    "From Dec 22, 2006 through Dec 26, 2006 Outerlight's debut title, The Ship, will be made available for a Free Weekend trial via Steam. This free trial allows gamers to experience the innovative multiplayer gaming that calls, " the wall and innovative." Outerlight is also offering a $5 discount for those who purchase the full product any time during the free weekend and the week that follows."
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