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    Just wondering wheather anyone plays

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    I used to play a ton in CS 1.3 to 1.6, I stopped around when CS:S was getting close to release, and I could never get back into it.
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      Afraid there's just too many people running hacks on it nowadays. Shame too, as they ruined a great game.
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        Yea, got to where so many people were hacking the code on their servers to their own (clans) advantage, took the fun right out of it, stopped playing. I did find a rather nice alternative, though, and it's free! You'll need the Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory mod for this one, though.

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          I used to play DOD 3.1, then CS (way before 1.6) then DOD 1.x(once it got assimilated by steam), then CS 1.6, then CS:S, then CS 1.6, then DOD 1.whatever they're on now, then reformated and never reinstalled steam.


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