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    Overseer, sent you a buddy hook-up on XFire.
    My user name is "FAdmiral" but my nickname is "Stryker9"
    Fired up BF2 with 1.4 patch last night, first time in 6 months.
    Got re-acclimated to some of the movement commands again.
    Still could not enter vehicles, could be a patch change...

    If you're not taking losses, you're not doing enough.
    RAdm. Kelly Turner, USN



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      All have to re install TS, not sure if I have it any more.

      I use xFire a lot.

      My xfire: vassilizaitsev1

      Now when you add me I will be VERY SUSPICIOUS of who you are. So please say your from ACG. I got 86 friends and some nights a lot are on. Because of this I got lots of problems communicating around with people when Im being bugged to death to play some game or by an idiot who will randomly yello Jihadist at me or pretend to be some confused moron that wants to be my friend. All suspect your that guy if you dont tell me your from ACG.


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        New X-Fire version just came out today as follows:

        Release notes for 1.63 September 21st, 2006

        Improved skin loading to be much, much faster.
        Changed the default Xfire skin to be in XML format.
        Updated the German version of the web site (thanks to fanta for his help).
        Fixed server information for Quake 4.
        Launching Battlefield 2 will now skip the intro movies.
        Fixed several infoview drawing problems when using Internet Explorer 7 RC1.
        Improved the look of the infoview to show more data.
        Fixed a problem when closing chat windows after getting disconnected (thanks to godjonez).
        Fixed a problem when removing a friend when you have a chat window open to him.
        Added a *Beta* Clan & Guild system. Each clan and guild has its own page on the Xfire site. This will allow you to more easily track large groups of gamers because your clans and guilds show up in your friends list!
        New games supported: Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes Single Player Demo, Dawn of War Dark Crusade Demo, Lego Star Wars II, Mall Tycoon, Mall Tycoon 2, Mall Tycoon 3, School Tycoon, Airport Tycoon, Prison Tycoon 2, and First Battalion.
        If you're not taking losses, you're not doing enough.
        RAdm. Kelly Turner, USN



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