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BF2 1.4 Patch - Road to Jalalabad Map

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  • BF2 1.4 Patch - Road to Jalalabad Map

    What do you guys think of the new map? At first I was intimidated by the size, but with the right number of people it can be quite enjoyable. The wide open spaces are offset with the tight cityscape and thus running tanks can be quite tricky without infantry support (which sadly is typical). However, there are multiple tanks per side which means you can at least support another tank when you are driving around. The city fighting is a lot like Karkand and Sharqi which is to say - it is great!

    One of the biggest claims of 1.4 is the reduction in the speed in which you can go from prone to standing and back...which should eliminate the bunny hoppers. Only took a year but they got it done. I have to say that even with 1.2 and 1.3 I wasn't seeing all that many BH's anymore. The new thing seems to be claymores - you will trip over those things everywhere now. However, on balance, I give it a nod as a great game once again.

    I'll be playing on and off this week during the evening hours (US mountain time) if you are interested in squadding up post here or look for me on Xfire/IM. I definitely think it is worth another look if you deleted the game off your hard drive last year like I did.
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    Fine. I'll reinstall BF2.
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      i like the new map as well. i like the how it takes time now to go from prone to standing, and how you have to wait to preform any action till you are standing, makes you quite vulnerable.

      has anyone tried the infanty only maps? i dont mind vehicles too much, karkland is a good balance, but i can do without aircraft.


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