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10,000 Seats for BF2142

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  • 10,000 Seats for BF2142

    DICE and EA Extend Battlefield 2142 Beta, Open 10,000 Seats to Public

    The Battlefield 2142 public beta period has been extended until Tuesday, September 12. In addition, due to the overwhelming response to the beta, DICE and EA have opened 10,000 new slots to the public.

    The 10,000 new slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis starting Friday, September 8th at 10am PST. A free GameSpy ID is required to participate.

    A new version of the tuning beta is also available now, which already includes more than 1,000 changes to the game based on feedback from the beta to date. Current players will need to download the new client, but no new access key is required.

    The beta has been a huge success over the past two weeks, with more than 65,000 gamers participating, helping DICE secure a clean launch for the game on October 17th.

    Let us know if you have any questions!
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    hmmmm, so far, there has been nothing i've seen that has me wanting to pick this one up like when BF2 came out.


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