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Debating the Future of the MMO

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  • Debating the Future of the MMO

    Expanding the market, finding the right business model and much more.
    by Luke Smith, 08/22/2006

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    I would kill for a hyper-realistic military simulation mmo. I've stated as much in these forums before... I just don't see why a game company hasn't jumped on the idea yet. I'm willing to bet there would be a supporting audience.

    They could sell the game as three unique modules - one for air, one for land and one for sea/other. Each module is a high-fidelity simulation (think Falcon 4) of various vehicles/aircraft/ships and each module interfaces smoothly with the other modules.

    Players log into a central server and wage war for their team/country.

    ...sigh... I guess a fella' can dream, eh?
    Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated... again...


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      The closest thing you'll find is World War II Online, but it is still 'gamey' in a lot of ways.

      Only huge MMO I know of that actually integrates in air, ground and naval warfare (though naval is a bit weak).

      It's the only one I waste money on. More fun shooting other players than it is killing orks.


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        I usually get my fix with Aces High. It's primarily a flight sim, but has a few ground vehicles and a couple of boats. Regardless, I want something more realistic and something set in modern day (or at least Vietnam+).
        Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated... again...


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          WoW is for both the casual and the hard core, cause to get any of the epic gear, you need to farm the high level instances with an end game guild, oick up groups just dont work well. but, it rewards the casual gamer with quick level progression for awhile till you start to hit around lvl 30.

          i am looking forward to warhammer online and vanguard, and rumor has it that EA is thinking of making BF3 an MMOFPS much like planetside is, who knows.


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            Yeah, I played WoW a lot... until I hit 60. I just don't have the time to spend 2 hours putting a raid together and then another 3 hours actually doing the raid. Raid guilds speed things up a bit, but the time investment is still too much for my book. The lack of solo (or even 5 or 10 man group) content is, I think, going to be WoW's downfall. Most of the folks I know have either already left the game (myself included) or are just playing it to spend their time until War Hammer or some other game hits the shelves.
            Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated... again...


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