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Mad as HE#$ at what happened playing BF2

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  • Mad as HE#$ at what happened playing BF2

    I have been trying to refine my skills playing BF2 a liitle more lately, well this morning I had an experience that really ticked me off.
    I am pretty sure I know what this a#@-clown was doing but I had never had it happen to me. Here is the story.
    So I am running along the grass and I get shot, I call for a medic and he shows up revives me I say thanks and then he TKs me...this happened 2 more times until I got the draw on him with my M4. I know he was getting himself points for saving a life but I could not believe what happened.
    Anyone else ever have a REMF do this to you?

    His screen name was Antonio something or other.

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    Glad to see you met the that play BF2 now.


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      When I played BF2, I had a couple favorite servers that were pretty good at kicking TK'ers. What kind of server were you on?
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        I got rid of it because not enough serious people were playing and it took up a lot of space.
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          Doesnt sound good. Watch out for people that name themselves ^^00 on CoD2 and 1. The name shows up as nothing. So when you shoot people it just shows hte weapon and the guy, and most people who name themselves that tk.

          How much space does BF2 take up??? My age of empires seems to lag oddly and my C drive is full and BF 2, RTW, AoEIII, AoEII + X-pack, CoD2, CoD1 + xpack, AoM with x-apack, Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb is on the C I think, and finally I believe Battle for Middle Earth 1 and 2 are on the D. Not sure if I should uninstall something and if to something that I dont need and takes up a lot.


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            I gave up on most themed MPs because the number of Rambo's was rediculous. It was a rare day when you actually played with a group operating as a unit... those were the days that made playing MP worth every hour... I'm sure they still exist, but I haven't found it worth my time to go looking for them.
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              "I got rid of it because not enough serious people were playing and it took up a lot of space."

              Me too. Fun game but too many clowns, not enough time.
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                Nice place that I've found to play BF2 is with They make you join a squad, and have a mod that makes the game more life like. Pretty nice group, with reality and teamwork being the key.


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                  TacticalGamer is a good server. I have been playing a lot of SF Rockheads Ghost Town server. Still not tired of that map.
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                    That sounds cool, i'm going to check it out. Man i've been dying to play bf2, but I can't! I can't find the damn CD1!! I'm pissed, I think it's in a drive in a un plugged computer I have, and to lazy to take it out and put it in this one. I'll just do that when I get my new computer all hooked up.


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