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    I think the infantry units are going to be heavily overpowered by the mech's and other vehicle units. However, the mech combat looks great!
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      Why don't they try to make a WW1 style BF?

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        This game looks like it will either be great or very bad. It will be cool to have all the mechs and high tech weaponry.


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          IMO they ripped off the gun platform from the Tau.


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            Originally posted by the_redstar_swl
            IMO they ripped off the gun platform from the Tau.
            And the Tau ripped off anime, especially Appleseed.
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              The Battlefield games are my favorite and I have all of them but I haven't been able to get BF2 to work because of a video card problem. Now back to BF2124: The weapons look awesome but the vehicles that I like best are the aircraft. Are there going to be any aircraft in Battlefield 2124 because if there is then I am so going to buy it.

              Hey PvtJohnson they have WWI mods out there for BF1942 so the best way to find one is to look on sites that host them

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