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    Welcome back.

    I endeavor to present material which, in some manner, is different from what has come before. Over the last couple of days I found myself fortunate enough to be presented with just such an opportunity.

    Swordmasters are unique breed. Ok, sure, I am a bit biased, as the class has always been my most favorite and cherished with which to take the field of battle. Since inception I have found the rotation mechanic engaging and fun, the inherent challenge to craft a sequence of attacks which will prove effective against most opponents. Not that you will always prevail, of course, but winning a battle as a Swordmaster has always, to me at least, constituted a expression of art as well as form, resulting in a subtle object of beauty.

    Witch Hunters and Witch Elves benefit from this same phenomena, however given the class mechanics painting their art can often be a bit more...uncomplicated. No offense, but Swordmaster play can often be defined as much by what abilities you don't have as opposed to those you do. Swordmasters are an in-your-face class, their play characterized by the need create an opportunity to grapple with the enemy and hold them, until one or the other of you is dead. Escape is rarely a viable option. And the truth is, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    We also tend to be rare. Which brings me to this video.

    Presented here are six scenarios all sharing one commonality, in that each features at least four or more Swordmasters in play. Three of the proffered engagements feature a six Swordmaster force structure, an manifestation which, at least in my experience, is almost as rare as a slow Shammy sighting. Given the plethora of fellow Defenders of the Everqueen who materialized for these fights, I thought them worth both recording and presenting for the viewing pleasure of the membership at large.

    Oh, and there were some other guys along as well.

    Segment One features a battle in Stonetroll Crossing, featuring I, your humble narrator, accompanied by fellow Swordmasters Ralphael, Taipanic, and Tianming. Also present were Dwarves extraordinaire Arthur Arnbitter and Krunched. I always love it when Arthur shows up.

    Segment Two features another struggle for Stonetroll Crossing featuring fellow Swordmasters Ralphael, Tiapanic, Tianming, and Celegion.

    Segment Three features a fight to dominate Howling Gorge featuring fellow Swordmasters Ralphael, Malulabar, Angel, and Tianming. Also present were the man, the myth, the legend Zaxxed and the hyper-active Mspuddin.

    Segment Four features yet another fight in Stonetroll Crossing featuring fellow Swordmasters Celegion, Tianming, Angel, Fuuki, and Malulabar. Zaxxed and Mspudding make additional cameos.

    Segment Five features a romp in Howling Gorge along side fellow Swordmasters Angel, Malulabar, Taipanic, Tianming, and Ralphael. A Warrior Priest of few words, Xtz, helps keep us all alive.

    Segment Six features an energetic fight in the Battle For Praag, featuring fellow Swordmasters Kytula, Mrgod, Radikal, Taipanic, and Yncarne. The Dark Horse was a Shadow Warrior named Skalier. Excellent damage output.

    All individual scenarios are separated by fades to black. Additional edits account only for respawn timers.

    Music selections follow the order of the individual scenarios.

    1. Klangnomad - from the Mix entitled "I know what I am" featuring The Cardigans song "My Favorite Game."

    2. Worakls - "Salzburg"

    3. Kollektiv Trumstrasse - Meoko Exclusive Mix

    4. DJ Nightstar - Progressive Trance Mix entitled "Follow Me."

    5. Aronsa 84 - Progressive Goa Mix "New Life."

    6. DJ Nightstar - Progressive Trance Mix entitled "Reflection."

    As always respect to all our worthy opponents, and thanks for watching.

    For the Everqueen...

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      A couple of months or so ago someone began a thread featuring screenshots taken from various locations around the Warhammer world. I thought that well done, and enjoyed the results. As a consequence of that thread I considered undertaking a like effort, only employing video. And so I have.

      This video features no combat of any sort. It is a composite of short segments featuring staged captures of landscapes, vistas, and creatures scattered around the Warhammer world. Video postcards, if you will.

      Someday this war is going to end, as all things do. I thought a visual memory worth preserving.

      Featured music is from the following sources.

      Worakls - "Blue"

      Worakls - Salzburg

      Klangomad - "I Am What I Am," featuring Asaf Avidan's "Is This It" and Peer Kusiv's "Someone Told Me."

      Again my gratitude to all of the Devs, GM's, and all others who keep this game alive. Respects to all of you, my fellow players. And as always, thanks for watching.

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        Recorded over a period of time from November 2017 to January 2018.

        Welcome back. One of the aspects I love about this game is the strategy inherent in achieving, or at least in the attempt to increase your chances to achieve, victory over the enemy. Note I am not speaking to renown builds, gear builds, and/or skill rotations. I am talking about the more esoteric endeavor most appropriately categorized as how to create, manipulate, initiate, and influence the fight via alternative factors.

        There are actions one can take, strategies and tactics one can employ in game, whether attached to a group or running solo which can and often will help tip the combat equation in your favor. There are other players who know this, I see them out and about on occasion. They are the warband leaders who understand the use of terrain, and thus know to deploy their forces in locations favorable to an ambush, a defense, or a general attack. They are the group players who understand the use of, and have the patience for, hide positions. And they are the solo players who understand in order to isolate and create the fights you desire, time, terrain, and most important of all patience, are your best friends.

        Again, I make no claim to be the best in this game at anything. But I do know how to hunt. In addition I know how to read a scenario and apply, however best I can, tactics to help increase the chance and opportunity for my side to win.

        That is the essence of this video, a simple attempt, for whatever it may be worth, to illustrate some of those tactics. As always I appreciate all who watch, for whatever reason. However in the case of this particular offering my endeavor was to create what I hoped would prove a useful training video. In that spirit take from it what you will. Or take nothing. All of you are intelligent people, but on occasion I have learned a trick or two from watching the play of others so perhaps the reverse may also prove true. Irregardless of applicability, ultimately I am just someone who enjoys playing this game.

        Fight sequences run the typical gamut. A complete time-index listing for all fights, to include those fighting along with me combined with a few appropriate associated details, may be found below.

        Featured music attached to individual segments as follows:

        Combat Segment One: Deep Shepherd, from Deep Shepherd 6 and gratefully used with permission:

        Combat Segment Two: DJ Nightstar, from Progressive Psytrance Mix 2018, Flashback. The accompanying video well:

        Combat Segment Three: Deep Shepherd, from Deep Shepherd 6 and gratefully used with permission. Link above.

        Combat Segment Four: DJ Nightstar, from Progressive Trance Mix 2017 Trance Fighter:

        Combat Segment Five: Aronsa84, from Progressive Mix New Life Progonbeatz 10:

        All music remains the property of the individual owners and is used for entertainment purposes only.

        Film segments utilized for theme remain the property of the appropriate owners and are used for entertainment purposes only.

        All glory to the Hypnotoad.

        As always thanks for watching.

        Time Index Listing for All Fights

        PHP Code:
        00:00 to 02:11 Introduction Maggots!!

        02:12 to 03:52 1v1 versus ThargrimmThargrimm is a good playerbut surprise was on my side.
        03:53 to 05:35 1v2 versus Squignewton and Juhgit
        :35 to 06:41 1v2 versus Xala and ThargrimmAlways try and kill the Sorc first.
        06:42 to 07:48 1v1 versus Nagsainaste. Break the WE's Stealth.
        07:49 to 08:28 1v1 versus Neeska. Close the gap.
        08:29 to 09:51 1v2 Katsuane and Shimshamm. In a fight against these particular two classes take out the Marauder first.
        09:52 to 10:31 1v1 versus Zooy. I was not part of the group, so I engaged the target I thought would best help them win.
        10:32 to 11:58 1v1 versus Killtay.
        11:59 to 13:00 1v2 in Khaine'
        s Embrace versus Cnmb and JuhgitThis particular segment I thought unique for how the fight
        13:01 to 14:53 1v2 which moves to a 2v2 which moves to a 1v1 against HavocKorthar, and Goregrunt.
        14:54 to 16:11 1v2 versus Kelit and Kordine
        :12 to 16:54 1v1 versus RakijaaIt always helps to see the WE first.
        16:55 to 18:05 1v1 completely random encounter with Thargrimm.
        18:06 to 19:05 1v1 against ChopmasterGood close fight I really thought I had.

        19:06 to 19:59 Interlude OneWould You Like to Know More?

        20:00 to 22:23 Group Fight in Caledor Featuring the Right Hand of Vengeance!
        22:24 to 23:00 Mass Fight in PraagThe key in these type of fights is to keep moving forward.
        23:01 to 24:18 Ambush at Kinschel's Stronghold featuring Waldimirr Mock. Note the use of terrain to mask approach.
        24:19 to 27:21 Mass Fight in Caledor which flows into Dragonwake. Again, the key is to keep pushing forward.
        27:22 to 29:14 Saving the Keep in Saphery. Note the circle to the left.

        29:15 to 29:58 Interlude Two: Gonna Run All Day '
        Till the Runnin's Done...

        29:59 to 33:04 Roaming in Black Fire Pass with Solidheals, MsPuddin, Raebrek, and Sleepykk. Again, keep moving.

        33:05 to 33:09 Interlude for some random babes...

        33:10 to 34:12 Pies flying in air courtesy of Ivyin (as promised).

        34:13 to 40:41 Maw of Madness fight featuring Kemp, Missteak, Freeside, Raebrek, Helldagger, and Dirshaun. Note we do not
        make the mistake of pushing out of mid.
        40:42 to 46:05 Maw of Madness fight featuring Diolyse, Ezgor, Mtm, Tanelion, and Sammael.
        46:06 to 58:38 Khaine'
        s Embrace struggle featuring MegavoltHeallogicRhixHedien, and AlmanzorSometimes you have to go
        make the enemy fight

        58:39 to 59:20 "On the Ready Line!"

        59:21 to 59:36 Goderick Richter leads his forces into combatAlso known of as "Walking in Praag."

        59:37 to 101:56 Battle for Praag segment featuring Zaxxond and a fight against FloraIthaca, and Veruca Salt.
        101:57 to 103:29 Action in Nordenwatch defending the Fortress Flag featuring NitroexpressElfkrunchFierdalAngeltear, and
        103:30 to 104:31 Attempted Ambush at Woodchoppaz CampNot all Order went forwardwhich led to our defeat.
        104:32 to 105:47 Gates Fight featuring ThecoNojokeSoulviewOops, and BarryAggressive actionwhich is key.
        105:48 to 110:42 Fighting with Trainer in Khaine's Embrace. Assist the WL.
        110:43 to 111:53 Ambush at Hallenfurt Manor. The key is they didn'
        t expect us to show up.

        111:54 to 112:19 "Now I Want You To Remember..."

        112:20 to 122:35 Action in Howling Gorge while grouped with SolidhealsApsoSleepykkGrumbler, and MsPuddinZaxxond was
        for the ride in Group Two.

        122:36 End Credit
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          Welcome back.

          As I have stated prior on multiple occasions one of the primary reasons I began posting my videos and then later crafting them into themed events was to promote not only the game but those who played it. Over time I have published videos specifically recorded to feature and named for particular players, principally Indacut, Tion Black, and Dansaran. A few other videos followed that pattern, with a specific series recorded solely for and dedicated to the Bitterstone Thunderers. Those were fun times.

          Recently I realized a significant period of time had passed since I last crafted a video materially designed to feature and promote one specific Return of Reckoning superstar. Other than me, of course. "Swords of the Everqueen" approximated that goal, but was class-centric on Swordmasters as opposed to any individual. Therefore over the last few weeks I have been attempting to capture in game footage which, as best as possible, is hallmarked by the play of another. This video is the first result, and I hope you all enjoy.

          The video incorporates combat captures from four different scenarios. The second scenario featured was by far the most fun, however all were engaging and ultimately rewarding. To fully appreciate why I included footage from the forth scenario please read the scenario chat during the period we are all just standing around.

          This is a great game, with some great players in it. My continued appreciation to all involved, and please enjoy my latest attempt to promote our communal guilty pleasure.

          Featured music from Aronsa84, Progressive Goa Mix - Enjoy Life 2014 Mix Prog-On-Beatz 05. All music remains the property of the individual owners and is used for entertainment purposes only. Thanks mate, good work as usual.

          Source for Music:

          Brief film sequence from "Gladiator," all rights reserved, and used for entertainment purposes only.


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            Anyone who has or may be thinking of signing up to play this game, I suggest a quick look at this video. Pay particular attention to the White Lions. It is fun class to play, good damage output, and you get to leap through air to smash people with your battle-axe.

            I recorded this video to highlight the four White Lions participating in this SC.


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              Welcome back.

              Before the frivolous matter of my next video offering your indulgence please concerning another issue. As a former school teacher my heart breaks in regard to the recent events in Florida. Unfortunately, I know and understand only too well the feelings associated with losing a student as the direct result of senseless violence. Therefore my deepest sympathies for all who suffered loss in the wake of this horrific event.

              In game related news I am still unable to log into my account. Wargrimner has been helping, but to date nothing attempted has rectified the problem. The issue must be a file corruption of some kind but one so specific as to be elusive in regard to the standard remedies. I will get back in at some point, even if I have to go out and buy another computer.

              In the meantime:

              I am rather fond of this video, especially given the manner in which it formed. Some of the individual footage seemed made to order, the opening sequence particularly, and lent itself well to the finished product. Video editing isn't hard, but it can prove rather tedious and time consuming. The subject matter, of course, often serves to offset such concerns, and such was the case here. Not since "Looking Glass House" have I had so much fun just editing a video together. The total content I originally planned to include eventually had to be reduced in deference to time concerns. Hang in there Weedhala, in a few days I will publish your efforts as a stand-alone offering.

              I met Angela Mao once. In regard to the film industry in the Orient she was a break-through star, the first woman to be featured in lead or lead supporting roles in Chinese history. But she didn't much care for the fame. When I told her I was a fan of her movies her only response was to smile slightly and nod her head. All of Hollywood could take a lesson. For those who may not be aware of Angela Mao and her film history, she is featured in two of the transition segments of this video.

              As always a complete time index listing for all fights is included below. Respects to my worthy opponents, with a particular nod to TheOddOne. Kitana went this can smell her perfume.

              In addition the final segment featured I included solely for my in-game friend Celegion. Hopefully he will appreciate the message.

              Music segments feature the work of the artist listed below. As always all music remains the property of the individual owners and is used for entertainment purposes only. Cast in order of appearance:

              Combat Segment One: Mortal Kombat Theme Song, from the movie and game of the same name.

              Source: ... jreload=10

              Combat Segment Two: Deep Shepherd, from Deep Shepherd 6 - Mystery Global Underground 2018 and gratefully used with permission.


              Combat Segment Three: Sima Deep, from Sima Deep Underground Resident 074 On TM-RADIO. It has been awhile since I featured music from the legend, so this seemed appropriate. Thanks as always.


              Combat Segment Four: Aronsa84, from Progressive Goa Mix - Festival of Emotions, Prog On Beatz 07, and featuring one of my favorite tunes.


              Combat Segment Five: DJ NightStar, from Progressive Trance Mix 2016 Light & Love. A couple of notes here. As some of you will recognize I have utilized bits from this set in prior efforts, but given back then I was recording both audio and video simultaneously I was never able to give the opening segment of this particular mix the justice I thought it deserved. Given a few videos back I separated those efforts I now can, and have. Additionally, if any of you ever watch the video associated with some of NightStar's work, specifically this one, know I used to be one of those people you see dancing around half-naked in the middle of the desert with a drink in their hand. Then I grew up. But I still like the music.


              Combat Segment Six: Cookies Slayer, from Progressive Psytrance January 2018 Releases - Psytrance Mix. (If/when I get back into the game, I plan on using more from this source in a future effort. Seems fair.)


              Short transitional film segments from: "Mortal Kombat," "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon," "When Taekwondo Strikes," "Enter the Dragon," and "The Raid," all rights reserved, and are used for entertainment purposes only.

              I can not hold back my sword-hand's anger...

              Time Index Listing For All Fights:

              PHP Code:
              00:00 to 00:49 Introduction

              :50 to 06:35 Combat Segment OneMortal Kombat!!

              Round One Fightversus TheOddOne
              Round Two Fight
              versus TheOddOne
              Round Three Fight
              versus TheOddOne
              Finish Him
              !: versus TheOddOne and some Shammy named Bestgit.

              06:36 to 07:17 Why Did You Say That Name?!

              07:18 to 14:54 Combat Segment TwoSolo Roaming

              :18 to 08:16 One vOne against Nomadex (I love KV)

              17 to 09:02 One vOne against Selki

              09:03 to 09:53 One vOne against Deathette

              09:54 to 10:22 One vOne against Sorkdips

              :23 to 11:24 One vOne against Rikis

              :25 to 13:07 Hunting in Dragonwake and finding Irontarkus

              :08 to 14:54 Roaming in Thunder Mountain and finding Remembermefollowed by a Three vTwo against OsparkysViasarath, and Zerakren.

              14:55 to 15:40 I Must Have The Sword!

              15:41 to 43:36 Combat Segment ThreeCold Warriors in Black Fire Basin

              :41 to 28:17 Excellent fight alongside some excellent playersto include HellokittyDefBurmeserScalvoDanijensenGearMrBigs, and a couple of Beast-mode Warrior Priest named Cruzctrl and SigmarCare.

              28:18 to 28:24 Nine Random Ninja Vixens

              :25 to 43:36 Even more excellent fight in Black Fire Basin featuring SizzleWorstclassGoingHealssBrynoth, and AppolwnI truly enjoyed this SC, and while scoring a 2 to 8 death to kill ratio while posting over 243 thousand DPS may not be any sort of record for an SMI thought it was pretty goodOf course I had good support and was allowed to just go out and fight.

              43:37 to 44:03 InterludeAngela Mao in "Enter the Dragon."

              44:04 to 52:42  Combat Segment FourEverybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting!

              44:04 to 46:05 Mass Fight at Hallenfurt Manor Featuring a Cast of Many!

              46:06 to 52:42 The Greatest Warband Ever FormedFighting in Troll Country and Ostland with HeavyaxeCantankthreeMerytCustonelloKojacElfkrunchHotflashPentarchTiapanicBamboozeledWiskee, and others.

              Sequences include a mass fight while pushing toward the Destruction Keepbashing down the door and pushing our way to the third floorfollowed by a subsequent attempt to take the keep againGood fights all around.

              52:43 to 53:19 InterludeAngela Mao Doing the Laundry

              :20 to 1:18:05  Combat Segment FiveGrimm's Fairy Tales

              A series of Scenario battles while in a premade group with Grimm, Grimjack, Apollwn, Prisca, Brynnoth, Horsemanherra, and later Gerantius. Running with this group was much fun, and sincerely appreciated.

              1:18:06 1:18:45 Gimmie The Ball

              1:18:46 to 1:19:41 Combat Segment Six: Batman and Hammer-girl

              A short segment included again in honor of Celegion.

              1:19:42 to End Closing Image 
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                Hello again and sincere felicitations and appreciations to all who peruse this post.

                As you all know my play style tends to favor solo roaming, but every now and then I manage to secure a slot in a roving warband or an invitation to join a pre-made six-man group. This video highlights just such an occasion, an opportunity I enjoyed to participate in Scenario and open RvR action with a group of exceptional players. In actuality we only ran together for about an hour, but during that time we managed to make what I considered a memorable impression.

                The video below features me, your humble narrator, endeavoring to assist five deserving Order players. We hooked up in Discord, did a few SC's, ran around Kadrin Valley for awhile, all while generally harassing the enemy and having fun. I hope to prosper from additional future associations with these individuals, as the experience constituted one of the more enjoyable sixty minute periods of game time I have invested since the Mortal Combat tournament.

                I have a White Lion character named Zaratiel. While editing this video I thought geez, perhaps I should spend more time player her. Put her in Zaxxond's new guild. Yeah, thats the ticket...

                The players primarily featured here include Hellokitty, Catfood, Martillo, Maybell, and Norsemanherra. White Lion players still leveling up may want to watch this video for an idea of how well the class performs. Warrior Priest players still leveling up may want to watch this video for the same reason. These two particular Warrior Priest were again, exceptional in their ability to keep us on our feet. Of course given the design inherent with any video recording program my fellow group mates are not always on screen, and on one occasion I did revert to my old habits and went chasing after the bomb carrier headed for Talebec Dam. However my group-mates are omnipresent, and certainly on screen long enough to effectively showcase their talents. My respects to them all, and of course our worthy opponents.

                Featured music by Deep Shepherd, from Deep Shepherd Five Mystery Global Underground 2017 and gratefully used with permission. All music remains the property of the individual owners and is used for entertainment purposes only.


                Short video clips utilized remain the property of the individual owners and are used for entertainment purposes only.

                Bad kitty, bad kitty...

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                  I made this video primarily as a promotional tool for both the game and the guild to which I belong. Consequently the opening seven minutes are unique, and alone worth watching. At least in my opinion. If you do watch please let me know what you think.

                  The descriptive verbiage which follows mirrors that posted on the Warhammer Forums.


                  The primary reason for becoming involved in any game is to have fun.

                  The opening segment for this video is a bit outside the norm for a variety of reasons, but it isn't designed to make fun of anyone. It is designed to be humorous, if you get the joke. I have been told my humor tends to be subtle, an assertion which is accurate. But it is humor none the less.

                  What follows constitutes both a promotional video for and a tribute video to my fellow guild members. Since joining Zaxxed I have enjoyed more than a few opportunities to hack and smash on the enemy while supported by a cadre of good, effective players. It has been fun, and for those of you out there longing to enjoy the benefits of participating in pre-made groups, consider signing up.

                  The introduction segment of this offering highlights the history of Warhammer leading to my joining a...comical...manner. Following that the battle sequences featured comprise the standard fare of roaming for fights and slugging it out in various scenarios. A complete time index listing for all fights is, as usual, posted below.

                  As always respect to our worthy opponents and to all of you for watching. Special thanks to the "Winter is Coming" crowd, without whom portions of this video would not have been possible.

                  Featured music selections are as follows:

                  Introduction - Adagio in G Minor, composition attributed to Tomaso Albinoni -

                  Extended Combat Segment in Order of Appearance:

                  1. "The Man Comes Around" preformed by Johnny Cash -

                  2. "Standing Outside A Broken Booth with Money in My Hand" by Primitive Radio Gods -

                  3. "Working In A Coalmine" preformed by DEVO -

                  4. "Busy Child" performed by The Crystal Method -

                  5. DJ Nightstar - Progressive Psytrance Mix 2018 Flashback Part I -

                  All music remains the property of the individual owners and is used for entertainment purposes only.

                  Assorted transitional video clips remain the property of the individual owners and are used for entertainment purposes only.

                  "Humor. It is a difficult concept. It is not logical."

                  00:00 to 06:44 Introduction history and guild material.
                  06:45 to 13:11 Battle for Logrin's Forge featuring a poor start but a better ending. Fighting along side Polka, Zaxxond, Nadril, Gothed, and Higs.
                  13:12 to 17:50 Grave concerns in High Pass Cemetary while fighting with Zaxxond, Gothed, Kirajin, Nimeria, and MsPudding.
                  17:51 to 22:41 Wading through the Blood of the Black Cairn with Chilley, Zaxxond, Apollwn, and Scard.
                  22:50 to 27:09 Clearing the Keep in Eataine with the help of Polka, Gothed, Scard, Hippity, and some BW named Zaxxond, or something like that.
                  27:10 to 28:01 Going for a swim in Reikland.
                  28:02 to 29:26 Roaming fight beneath the Great Arch of the Everqueen in the Shadowlands.
                  29:27 to 30:29 Keep Defense in Black Fire Pass featuring the Usual Suspects (Give me the keys, you huffing slack-hacker).
                  30:30 to 33:05 Gates of Ekrund fight along side Jockillz, Apollwn, Scard, Chillby, and Zaxxond.
                  33:06 to End Digging around in High Pass Cemetery with Nimeria, Sleepykk, Kirajin, Gothed, and MsPudding.
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                    Welcome back.

                    I have decided to take my videos in a new direction, in regard to a couple of what I feel to be appropriate reasons.

                    The montage videos were fun to craft and I always attempted to render them entertaining by applying a unifying theme throughout. However my thought is they may have become repetitive, and thus boring. While constructing the recruiting video for Zaxxed, this idea was born, a series of video scenario guides designed in a humble attempt to continue serving the purpose of promoting the server and in the additional hope they may prove useful to some within the player base.

                    These videos were not constructed in the belief I know everything there is to know about Warhammer Online. They were constructed in the belief I know, via experience and intuition, some measure of viable and relevant information. Others have, I am aware, crafted written scenario guides. However as a retired school teacher I am also aware that reading is often an endeavor many will pass on if offered an alternative. And here we are.

                    At the time of this posting I have completed eight of these video guides and am working on the ninth. Please feel free to leave feedback or commentary either here or on our Youtube page. Discussion is welcome, if any are so inclined.

                    Once this project is complete I may diversify again, as I have been asked specifically to craft a video dealing with stratigies in combating a particular class of Destruction opponent. I may do that, depending on how well these efforts are received.

                    How does one get to Carnegie Hall?

                    Adventures in Tactics Series - Episode One: Nordenwatch

                    Introduction background music by Peter Gundry, all rights reserved.

                    Montage background music by DJ Nightstar from Progressive Psytrance Mix 2018 - Hypnotic Feeling.

                    All music remains the property of the individual owners and is used for entertainment purposes only.

                    Adventures in Tactics Series - Episode Two: Lost Temple of Isha

                    Introduction background music from the game Alice: Madness Returns, all rights reserved.

                    Map section background music by Deep Shepherd from Deep Shepherd Seven and used with permission.

                    Montage music background music by DJ Nightstar from Progressive Trance Mix 2018 - Flight Of Fantasies.

                    Adventures in Tactics Series - Episode Three: Gates of Ekrund

                    Introduction background music from the 1981 film Excalibur and performed by The London Philharmonic Orchestra.

                    Montage background music by DJ Electric Samurai from Progressive Psytrance January 2018 Mix - Bike Rides, Flights, and Train Rides.
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                      Jumping forward to Episode Eight, one I thought turned out well. As always thanks for watching.

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                        A couple more of the scenario guide videos I have produced. Thanks for watching.

                        Tor Anroc, close-quarter combat in a lava drenched zone:

                        Reikland Factory, with the enemy at the gates:

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                          I like the intro to this one. And the content isn't bad either.

                          High Pass Cemetery, fighting amid the ghost of our ancestors:

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                            If you have to watch one video today, make it Avengers Infinity Wars.

                            However, if you watch two videos today...

                            The missing Episode Eleven, dedicated to the pawn sacrifice which is Talebec Dam.

                            Introduction background music entitled the Danse Macabre, accredited to Camille Saint-SaŽns.

                            As always I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

                            Additional background music listed on our Youtube page.

                            An earlier effort posted because I like the introduction particularly:

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                              I have done a few more of these because producing them is fun and is far more beneficial to my health than arguing politics.

                              Maw of Madness, which is truthfully an SC I despise but a video I had great fun editing together:

                              Doomfist Crater, an episode which addresses more than just the Scenario:

                              As always thanks for watching.
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                                From the sub-forum page listing for this thread, quote:

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                                Way to rub it in.

                                Additionally, my actual videos no longer appear to appear.


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