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    This video was originally posted to illustrate the use of the Guard ability within scenario play. I also just liked how the action played out.

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      Recorded on 9/1/2017.

      This video was crafted to illustrate the state of the game following the Mash-Up of Tiers in RoR. Personally my initial reaction is positive, and in that spirit I offer this video for general consideration. If anyone has yet to log in and see what is actually occurring, or still waiting to make the decision to log in, perhaps this may be of some help.

      The initial fight occured in The Shadowlands, and to me illustrates bolstering appears to function just fine. Subsequent action took place last night in Avelorn, and frankly, I had a blast.

      One cannot beat a river into submission. You must surrender to its power, and use its power to carry you home. Or in other words, relax.

      Music by the usual suspect, DJ Nightstar from the Mix entitled "Reflection." As always music remains the property of its various owners and is used for entertainment purposes only.

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        I'm interested, but hopefully they'll do something for Age of Sigmar too.

        Being that my internet sucks here in the sticks, even though I'm interested I may not get to play anyway.
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          I am currently in the process of learning a video editing program, and these two offerings represent my initial efforts. They are not perfect by any means, but easier to watch as the actual fights are highlighted without the associated moving about. I tried to have fun with them, inserting a few movie clips for effect.

          Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy.

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            And my latest effort, including sage advice from none other than Conan himself:

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              My most recent video, edited to include many decent fights. Note I had to work my way around a dispute with Warner Brothers Entertainment to post this vid. I find it odd someone can post an entire movie on Youtube and it not be taken down, but I include thirty seconds from "Edge of Tomorrow" and Warner bans my video world-wide. Oh well...

              Thanks for watching.

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                My latest video effort, a trip through the looking glass fighting for the forces of Destruction. Movie clips from the film "Legend," and used for entertainment purposes only.

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                  I created a video I am rather fond of. Quoted from my Youtube page:

                  Recorded over the months of May and June, 2017.

                  To some, this video may appear a bit...strange. Please indulge me as I provide an explanation.

                  Some years ago I watched a movie entitled "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," based upon the cult memoir of Game Show legend Chuck Barris. In his book Barris, who was known in Hollywood for creating "The Dating Game," "The Newlywed Game" and for hosting "The Gong Show," made the claim he was also a CIA contract killer. A Government hitman, in other words.

                  Not many believed the claim, but to this day the proclamation still permeates Boomer mythology. Regardless of whether Barris did kill some thirty people as an agent for the CIA, watching the movie exposed me to the third of his daytime television creations, "The Gong Show." Since viewing the film I have watched as many episodes of "The Gong Show" as I could find on Youtube. Seriously, they are an absolute scream.

                  For those of you not familiar with the show it aired during the late seventies, two years on NBC followed by two years in syndication. Barris hosted the show for the duration, and created an experience which was edgy (for its time), funny, and revolutionary. If not for "The Gong Show" there would be no "America's Got Talent." The primary difference between the two is the former was hilarious and actually entertaining, while the latter is primarily elitist self-indulgence.

                  Chuck Barris died on March 17th of this year. As a tribute to the man and the show he created I decided to use bits from "The Gong Show" as the unifying thread for this video. At times watching "The Gong Show" on Youtube has made me laugh so hard my sides hurt. In that spirit I hope you enjoy the result.

                  Fight sequences featured begin with a number of One v. Ones followed by group combat in both scenarios and open RvR. As always respects to all my fellow players, with a particular nod to Torgaan. Keep at it, the payoff is worthwhile. And remember, never bet against the Minnesota Vikings at home in the winter.

                  Featured music primarily drawn from various sets by DJ NightStar. Additional music includes "The Sunset" by Experimental Feelings and "Blue," by Worakls. All music remains the property of its original owners and is used for entertainment purposes only.

                  Featured segments from "The Gong Show" sourced from various Youtube channels. Thanks to those who put them up. If you have the time I suggest you check a few of them out.

                  Oh, and for those who may wonder whether, at the 33 minute mark, she actually did, the answer is yes, she actually did. I just edited that part out.

                  As always thanks for watching.

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                    Two other recent efforts for those who may be interested. As in "From Hollywood, Almost Live!," "Flashing Swords" begins with a number of One v. One fights, the very essence of the game.

                    For those who watch thanks and I hope you enjoy the videos.

                    Another theme video, that subtly embedded:

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                      My latest video effort, including the Youtube description. Note this is a re-edited version made to remove a one minute segment flagged by the Sky Streaming Service:

                      Published on Aug 15, 2017

                      Recorded over the time period of May through August of 2017.

                      I haven't posted a new video lately because I haven't been playing much lately. The reasons for that are no reflection on either the game or the server, but rather the fact there are other activities which have demanded my time. However a couple of days ago I logged on and became involved in a truly inspiring series of fights in Eataine. That inspiration resulted in this video.

                      Granted it is a bit long, but I had a bit of material stored up. In keeping with my habit of attempting to establish and incorporate a theme into my videos, this time around I chose an object of personal literary and media affection. All of us have literary characters we on some level identify with or just happen to like. One such favorite of mine is featured in this presentation. Hopefully the rulers of the television universe will allow my tribute to stand.

                      Game of Thrones is an excellent television production, and in my opinion Arya Stark one of its finest characters. Her particular story progression has been truly compelling to watch, with her transition from troubled little girl angry over the death of the Butcher's Boy to one of the most bloodthirsty assassins the world of Westeros has ever known. Good stuff, and in some fashion I feel her story does mirror, or at least reflect, the progression of any player-character running around in RoR. For all of us whom have crossed the higher renown threshold, it is good to remember at one time we were all no one. Or if you prefer how bloodthirsty we can all be.

                      For those so inclined I have included a sequence of events listing in the forum posting for this video. I thought I would make things easier for those who may not want to either watch the entire effort or only wish to view certain segments. A number of good fights are recorded here, running the usual gamut of available Tier 4 activities. The SM Madness Scenarios were fun, as were the various small scale actions. I hope you all enjoy.

                      For those where were there, as I promised the massive fight in Eataine is included as part of this video. That fight was, without doubt, the best mass-scale fight I have ever been a part of, to include my years on Live. At the time it appeared as if everyone logged into Tier 4 was there taking part, and simply put it was the type of fight players long for, and the type of fight which helps make this game great.

                      Featured music is from two artist, DJ Nightstar and DJ Electric Samurai. The sources for Nightstar's work I have linked to prior. The original source for Samurai's work I can't link to, however he has many music videos posted on Youtube, so look him up. All music remains the property of its various owners and is used for entertainment purposes only.

                      Game of Thrones segments appear elsewhere on Youtube and are used here for entertainment purposes only. Note to anyone from HBO, I am a subscriber, which means I pay up front to watch.

                      As always respect to my worthy opponents, and thanks to all of you for watching.

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                        As usual, a few notes about this video.

                        I feel the RvR system as currently established to be both effective and fun. However, as all of you know, that system not only allows T4 level players to run wild in T2, it often requires they do so. At times one can log into the game and find the only open zone for a T4 player to go fight in is somewhere in T2 or T3. Conversely, T2 or T3 level players will often log in to find the only open zone is in T4. Therefore, if you want to fight in RvR, you go to where the fight is.

                        As a further consequence of this system those who roam either solo or in small groups, as I often do, will inevitably encounter opposition players of lower rank and renown, and those players will by definition typically be at a disadvantage. Due to the system as currently enacted, this is all axiomatic.

                        I did not create this system. I did not implement it. I did not establish the rules which govern it.

                        But I freely admit, I have taken advantage of it.

                        Some of the fights you will see in this video were an absolute blast to be part of. The second fight featured is a particularly telling example. At the moment I moved to attack I thought there was only one Destro player at the Objective. I did not see the other two until I was already halfway down the hill, when it was too late to do anything other than continue the charge. The resulting fight was, first and foremost, unique, which is the primary reason I included it for your viewing pleasure. However beyond that aspect, the fight was most simply a tremendously enjoyable three and a half minutes of game time. A later featured fight where I found a few Destro players at the Siege Camp in Eataine also serves as a prime example. The current RvR system is what it is, and I believe it is a good system. But as a consequence of how it is constructed, one must often pay close attention to how one operates in it.

                        There is a reason I, and all of you, love this game. I feel this video, of all the ones I have created and posted, most effectively illustrates the essential, underlying rational for why I continue to play and devote time to Warhammer Online RoR. It is clearly here for all to see. But for those of you who watch this video, know only this. In context of playing a game, for the one hour and ten minutes of game time represented in the various segments, I was having the time of my life.

                        Part of that is, of course, the credit of the Devs who keep this game running and all of you, my fellow players. I thank you all for it, sincerely.

                        A time index listing of the various fights is included below. As always, respect to my worthy opponents.

                        The theme of this video will become obvious, but was fun to put together. Futurama is (was) a great show. All segments utilized remain the property of their various owners and are used here for entertainment purposes only.

                        Music featured from the usual suspects, mixes by DJ Nightstar and DJ Electric Samurai. Thanks guys, I love your work. Individual artist include Feeding Spring, Ghost Rider, Phaxe, Neelix, Elfentee, Zane, Alex Carroll, Querox, Trace, and a few others. All music remains the property of its various owners and is used for entertainment purposes only.

                        As always thanks for watching.

                        PHP Code:
                        Time Index Listing for the Various Fights:

                        00:00 to 00:35 Intro

                        :35 to 10:28

                        One v
                        One in KV against Shmarader
                        One v
                        Three in Praag against OubaldHelvictus, and Timotei
                        One v
                        One in Reikland Factory against Deathette
                        One v
                        One in Black Crag against Zibs
                        One v
                        Three at Kurlov's Armory against an Orc, a Sorc, and a Mara
                        One v. Three in the Chaos Waste against Zexy, Morphia, and Skumppa
                        One v. One in Serpent'
                        s Passage against Deathette
                        One v
                        Two in Eataine against Lastkiss and Funkfoot

                        :44 Krunched

                        :01 to 15:42

                        Massive Group Fight at Russenscheller Graveyard in Praag

                        Followed by Adventures in Warband Leading

                        OneAmbush Fight in Combat Alley
                        Stand Up Fight at Martyr's Square
                        Three: Charging the Enemy at Kurlov'
                        s Armory

                        38 to 2442

                        Meeting Engagement in Kadrin Valley 
                        (Multiple Warbands Present)
                        Keep Defense in Eataine – Holding the Door
                        Keep Defense in Eataine – Postern Fight
                        Keep Defense in Eataine – Fighting Between the Inner 
                        and Outer Walls
                        Keep Defense in Eataine – The Fight Moves to the Outer Walls
                        Keep Defense in Eataine – Pushing Out to the Front

                        :50 to 40:02

                        Caledor Woods Scenario Fight One 
                        (Also known as How to Win in Caledor Woods)
                        Caledor Woods Scenario Fight Two (Good Fight all Around)
                        Caledor Woods Scenario Fight Three (A Comeback Win)

                        40:12 to 50:39 (The Scary Door)

                        One vOne in Reikland against Abraxx
                        Two v
                        Two in the Kadrin Valley Tunnel of Doom against Dukat and Kagaz
                        Two v
                        Two in Thunder Mountain against Jolt and Theoddone
                        Group Fight in the Shadowlands featuring a Cast of Many
                        Three v
                        Five fight in Ellyrion while running with Liquidator
                        One v
                        Three fight in Eataine against JrewzeeOubald, and some Sleeping Ork

                        :52 to 53:38

                        Two Chance Encounter Fights in Kadrin Valley against Anja
                        SerilaShinything, and Flinka
                        One v
                        One in Kadrin Valley against Slaan

                        :53 to 107:20

                        Reikland Factory Scenario Fight featuring fellow Swordmasters Wuu 
                        and BlueBlade (and we kill some Witch Elf whose name I can't recall...)

                        Hunting in Barak Varr featuring Magicbean, Lastkiss, and Fox
                        Ambushed in Passwatch Castle by Norkalli and Slaa
                        Three v. Three fight in the Shadowlands while teamed with Liquidator
                        Two v. Four fight in the Shadowlands while teamed with Liquidator

                        107:43 to 115:44

                        One v. One fight in Kadrin Valley against Atmosk
                        Random Encounter Fights in Kadrin Valley against Orykgar, Corgoth, Easykilla, and Genghiskhan
                        Scenario Fight in Serpents Passage featuring a Cast of Many (good fight all around)

                        All Glory to the Hypnotoad. 
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                          My son found this video on our Youtube listing, one I had uploaded last year but for some reason had marked as private. He rendered it public, so I thought I would link it here. I remember this fight as one of the more vicious scenario fights I have ever been in.

                          At times you can play this game and just play the game. At other times you can feel the loathing, animosity, and bloodthirsty nature of the player base oozing from the screen. This experience represents the latter...

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                            Hello again.

                            As usual a few notes concerning this video.

                            The last full video I crafted, “All Glory To...”, I thought one of my best. Not only did it contain interesting in-game Warhammer footage I felt the associated material equally appropriate and entertaining. Preparing the material to edit was as much fun as playing through the game sequences. Whatever anyone else may have felt I thought the final product successful and worthy. Consequently, however, trying to determine how to best follow the dominance of the Hypotoad did engender some concern. In context of gaming, that is.

                            Then it dawned on me. Its frackin' Halloween. I could just craft a tribute to Trick or Treat, and tell you all to kiss my feet. Heh...just kidding.

                            The theme of this video revolves around the sights and sounds associated with All Hallow's Eve. The one design flaw is, of course, the game itself doesn't change just because it is Halloween. But I wanted to maintain my practice of including a unifying thread throughout my videos, so I hope you enjoy. The first three minutes of the video are quite something, I feel, and like moments are woven throughout. In addition a Time Index Listing for all fights is provided below to accommodate those who may wish to view particular portions of the video.

                            Mild content warning associated with the opening montage for two words used.

                            Another matter. All who take the time to look over the Time List Index for all fights will notice this video is dominated by one v. one encounters. To make the issue clear, roaming about looking for someone to beat on represents to me the most enjoyable aspect of playing this game. However I want two points to please be understood. I don't consider myself anything special. I certainly don't believe I am the best SM in the game and I would never make that claim, regardless of how many medallions I may have. What I am is a Swordmaster who plays like a Witch Elf. Only I can't stealth. But the truth is anyone could do what I do, if they wanted to put the time into it, as primarily I am just out having fun.

                            All Glory to The Hypotoad...

                            Music featured is from various sources, to include DJ Nightstar, Deep Shepherd, DJ Electric Samurai, and Kolletiv Turmstrasse. Music by Deep Shepherd is used with permission, but all music remains the property of its various owners and is used for entertainment purposes only.

                            Deep Shepherd 4:

                            Deep Shepherd 5:

                            Kolletiv Turmstrasse:

                            DJ Nightstar:

                            DJ Electric Samurai:

                            Various video segments used to represent the horrors of Halloween also remain the property of their various owners and are used for entertainment purposes only. I will provide a listing if asked.

                            On a personal note, the actor who portrayed the film character Pinhead in the “Hellraiser” franchise, Doug Bradley, is someone I am acquainted with. We have met and spoken on a number of occasions, and in speaking with him, one would never know he was once in mourning for his humanity.

                            As always respect to my worthy opponents, and thanks for watching. If you want to see someone having fun playing an MMO game, watch the individual one v. one combat segments in this video.

                            Time Index Listing For All Fights (and other stuff):

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                              Hello again.

                              Metaphor is a wonderful and expressive literary device. It allows one to draw comparisons between two unrelated topics, ideals, actions, objects, or emotions, particularly in regard to the abstract. However metaphor as a device isn't restricted to literature, it can also be utilized in the visual arts. The video posted here represents a metaphor of my own crafting, a comparison and expression of how I have, for a number of years now, interpreted logging onto and playing Warhammer Online.

                              Alice is an apt metaphor, I believe, as when we log on we all take a trip through the looking glass and enter a world alien to our own. It is a world filled with wonderous sights, strange creatures, and perilous danger. It is continual and surreal adventure of the mind, an exercise in fantasy and make-believe combined with a thirst for conflict fueled by bloodlust. We enter to search out and destroy our adversaries, and we do it joyfully, in a perpetual cycle of live, die, repeat. The world we enter, like Alice's Wonderland, grows curiouser and curiouser, fraught with wonder and peril and littered with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But its not for the timid. In essence, an engaging place to visit, but we wouldn't want to live there.

                              I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...

                              As usual this video features a number of different types of conflicts. One v. One's have been a bit rare lately, but there are a few. Other action includes group fights in open RvR and varied Scenario battles. A complete time index listing for all fights is posted below the video, to include citing as many players participating as possible.

                              As always respects to my worthy opponents, with a particular nod to Garner. When I couldn't get into the Six v. Six action in the Umbra Chaotica, he at least was good enough to offer me a duel. Insert scream here.

                              Music by the usual suspects, to include DJ Nightstar, Deep Shepherd, Sima Deep, and Aronsa84. All music remains the property of its various owners and is used for entertainment purposes only.

                              Deep Shepherd 5:

                              DJ Nightstar (Trance Fighter):

                              Sima Deep Underground Resident 073 ON TM-RADIO:

                              Progressive Goa Mix - New Life:

                              Introduction Sequence from "Alice Through the Looking Glass," released for television in 1998 and staring Kate Beckinsale, all rights reserved and used for entertainment purposes only.

                              Madness Sequences from the video games "Alice," and "Alice Return to Madness," all rights reserved and used for entertainment purposes only.

                              Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy the metaphor...

                              Time Index Listing for All Fights:

                              00:00 to 01:30 Intro
                              01:31 to 03:29 1 v 2 against Sharpfang and Rexdolor
                              03:30 to 04:32 2 v 2 with Iceheart against Karidoc and Thorghar
                              04:33 to 06:04 1 v 1 against Gromer
                              06:05 to 07:42 1 v 1 against Moistdisc
                              07:42 to 08:07 The Vorpal Sword
                              08:08 to 12:53 Group fight in Ostland at Kinschel's Stronghold - Belladona was there, with some other guys
                              12:54 to 13:41 Jumped by Jrewzee in Black Fire Basin
                              13:42 to 14:35 Jumped by Jrewzee again in Charon's Citadel - (a desperate move paid off)
                              14:36 to 14:53 Tell us of your Wonderland...
                              14:54 to 16:51 Warband Fight in Reikland (Zerg counter-Zerg)
                              16:52 to 26:11 Gates of Ekrund Scenario with Alena, Grimm, Zsi, and Meanwhile
                              26:12 to 27:00 Down the Rabbit Hole to Another Realm...
                              27:01 to 28:34 Destruction Warband Conquers Avelorn
                              28:35 to 29:14 Return to Wonderland
                              29:15 to 50:17 Series of Gates of Ekrund Scenario Fights Starring Haney, Patholight, Alena, Apollwn, Paris, Farfala, llhazell,
                              Karisiun, Manolito, Rumblin, Thulzx (how do you pronounce that?), Grimm, Ruwstor, and Seraphiona. Note we
                              win one of these Scenarios with no healers, thus proving it can be done.
                              50:18 to 50:48 It is all my fault...
                              50:49 to 52:15 Running One v. One against Beware in Saphery. Spoiler alert, we both have to repeat.
                              52:16 to 53:25 One v. One against Oneeasyho - (No Joy)
                              53:29 to 55:52 Duel during the Six v. Six event against Garner
                              55:53 to 57:37 Group Fight in the Chaos Waste against Guimaro, Sheoul, Witchez, Encore, Exzy, Chopmaster, and some other
                              57:38 to 58:01 The Madhatter's Tea Party
                              58:02 to 103:27 How to win in Mourkain Temple
                              103:28 to 103:57 Eat Me
                              103:58 to 104:15 One v. One against Chaos
                              104:16 to Finish End Sequence
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                                Recorded 12/01/17.

                                I realize at the time of this posting my last video is only three days old, however circumstance warrants another offering.

                                Scenario action is often characterized by one side or the other dominating, a causality which renders the experience exasperating, or just downright boring, for the losing side. Good scenarios are those in which both sides are able to roam the map and score some points. The best scenarios are those in which the fighting is intense and the ultimate outcome goes down to the wire.

                                Earlier tonight (again at the time of this posting) I was fortunate enough to participate in just such a scenario. This one had everything, about an equal number of healers, aggressive tanks, four Witch Elves, and a sweeping battle raging back and forth across the objectives. The final score was about as close as one could get, the entire affair symbolizing the essence of what makes this game great.

                                It was fun, so I thought I would share. For ease of effort I maintained the theme from my prior offering. Hope you all enjoy.

                                Music from Deep Shepherd 5 and used with permission.


                                Respect to our worthy opponents, and as always thanks for watching.

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