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Wow check out the German trailer for WOWS

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  • Wow check out the German trailer for WOWS

    Are we there yet?

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    Won my first six games in the Nassau. She is a toug little brawling battleship. Smaller faster firing guns than the US and Japanese ship of the same level.

    Really changing the random battles with so many people starting out the German battleship line from the beginning. A lot of very experienced players playing in low tier games for awhile. A lot of battleships in every game and a lot of these a Nassau's. It will then out as folks advance up the German battleship line at different speeds.

    Aircraft carriers and Japanese destroyers should do well in lower tier battles by taking advantage of the smaller number of cruisers in games and the weaker AA and torpedo belt armor of the lower tier German battleships.

    I did notice you have only played a couple of games in the Nassau. Waiting for the madness to die down a bit? What are your first impressions?

    I had only just started playing the German cruiser line (I had concentrated on the US and IJN lines). I was playing exclusively in the Public Test of the new version and did not have the free experience to research the first German battleship. It took a few games in the tier three German cruiser Kolberg before I could build up enough experience to start. That did give me a chance to watch the Nassau in action with both allies and enemies.

    She is a fun ship. I'll probably keep a spot for her for the times I have friends or folks just starting out who want to play together at the tier three level in the future. I have ships for that in every other tiers from 2-6. I was needing a tier three.
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      Just upgraded to the Kaiser. I'll probably keep her in co-op against the AI games until the Nassau's captain finishes his retaining on the new ship.

      I was not especially intimidated by this ship while I was running the Nassau but the Kaiser does have much better range and AA along with more health, speed and bigger guns.

      Considering the Nassau's performance I expect the Kaiser to be a strong tier 4 ship.
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      "Put guards on all the roads, and don't let the men run to the rear."
      Major General John Buford's final words on his deathbed.


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        They're ok vessels, but their accuracy and armour ratings leave something to be desired. In the end neither substantially better or worse than their counterparts.
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          I dusted off a low tier destroyer for this event. Nothing like being the lone destroyer on a team with 6 or more enemy battleships and few cruisers and destroyers to worry about.

          It's destroyer heaven in the low tiers right now.


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