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  • Division Partners/Public Test 0.5.10 is running its public testing of the next patch starting tomorrow. There are various rewards for participating. For those of you like me that have not played the game that long it is a great chance to try out higher tier ships.

    One of the rewards they offer is 5 of each signal flag. You have to win three or any type of game as part of a group (division).

    Do any of you need a division partner or will any of you throw me a bone and partner with me long enough to get the 3 wins? I am on the North American server.

    The test patch can be down loaded now.

    I should be available most days through the test period with limitations on times on the 10th and 11th. Other than those days I could probably play at almost any hour especially with advance notice.
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    I've just registered on the North American server. Problem is I still haven't received the account activation link. Once I do and I test the connection in a few battles I'll let you know my in-game name. Of course, I guess I'll be starting out with low tiers.


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      I know there are some in the UK that use the NA server so it must be feasible.

      Don't worry about your tier. I finally broke down and bought 10 extra port slots so I could keep ships from many levels. That way I can division with any new players I know or help anyone who uses my referral link get a quicker start up the levels if they want it.

      I can currently run a ship at any level from 1-6. I'll have the Pensecola as soon as I build my earned credits up enough to get her she is already researched.

      Look at the bright side starting over at low tier let's you correct mistakes you made in your EU account. It will take a long time for me to get my account over the terrible job I did with the St Lois and the Phoenix.

      I did not know that it was so easy to find division partners. When I was just starting out I guess I was just unlucky with my timing because nobody was ever there.

      On the public test server I quickly finished all the missions to the available rewards. A premium day some free type 6 camos and 5 of each signal flag. Now I am just testing to look for glitches. You also wind up with higher tier ships very fast and get some doubloons to buy premium ships to use only during the test period.

      Currently I am testing out higher tier Japanese cruisers and battleships when I am not tinkering with the Atlanta and the Tirpritz.
      "Put guards on all the roads, and don't let the men run to the rear."
      Major General John Buford's final words on his deathbed.


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        I did not do much testing in the last two patches because I was trying to win the special warships offered by during the ARP and Mikasa missions.

        I can experiment more with shell type selections and tactics against actual players since I know the record will be wiped in a week.

        My win rate is great but I had a few low damage games today. Part of it was obvious lag (which is not a usual problem). Sometimes I just run hot and cold with my aiming.

        Most of the changes are discussed in the news updates from but there are some other little bits.

        There does seem to be a few more players participating in the patch test than last time.
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        "Put guards on all the roads, and don't let the men run to the rear."
        Major General John Buford's final words on his deathbed.


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          It's been over 6 hours and I've received no account activation email. I checked the spam folder too. Tried to recreate the account (thought maybe I mistyped the email) but was told the account has not been activated and I should check my email. Off to a slow start.


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