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    I stumbled onto a game called Visual-Utopia not too long ago and within the first couple days, I was addicted.

    Heres the link,

    ( I promise it's not riddled with viruses or some raunchy porn site )

    It's incredibly easy to learn.

    It's a MMO/Turnbased mix where the game progresses on turns called "Ticks" that happen every hour. Each action takes a certain number of ticks (building, training troops, moving armies).

    You pick between 6 races ( I believe?)

    You can play the game by yourself or join a Kingdom (recommended, it's just great teamwork)

    The game focuses on,

    resource management
    city placement and building
    city construction
    Troop training
    Troop movement

    ( These are just SOME of what it focuses on, theres a bunch else )

    In any case, I recommend you check it out. I'm looking for new friends to play with!

    I'm not a spam-bot, my name in the game is Thickwilde ( find me )

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    I promise it doesn't suck, give it 5 minutes of of your time and trust me, you'll get hooked. Best part about it, the world system that separates the best of the best from the new players, giving everyone a level playing field.


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