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    Sorry if this looks like spam but I just wanted to let you know about a game we recently released that we think would appeal to you.

    It is a wargame based in Ancient & Medieval times. it is based on the hugely popular tabletop miniatures system we designed of the same name. It has an awesome multiplayer system that lets you fight players anywhere in the world any time of day - they can be sleeping while you take your turn. It's handled through our PBEM server. You dont actually send e-mails - the server does it all in the game interface. All you do is click end turn when you're done and the server does the rest. It makes multiplayer really simple and great fun.

    We've got over 600 game going at any one time to give an idea of how popular it is.

    We've also just released 2 expansion packs for the basic game. Each expansion packs lets you design and build armies from a specific period.

    Rise of Rome covers the Republican Roman period -
    Storm of Arrows covers the late Medieval period -

    There are 11 more expansions to come covering everything in between from Aztecs to Samurai, Persians, Greeks and much more.

    If you haven't tried it already read the review on this site - the Armchair general loves it, and that was before we added the 2 expansion packs and a host of new features

    We look forwards to seeing some of you on the virtual battlefield!


    Iain McNeil
    Slitherine Software

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