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Slitherine's Napoleon at War 60% off limited time

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  • Slitherine's Napoleon at War 60% off limited time

    Yes I just alerted you to a great savings.

    Their PC title Commander Napoleon at War is a massive 60% off for a very short time (it's a Napoleon celebration thing).

    I used the digital download option (they employ Digital River) and my download was no problem. Took like maybe 8 minutes.

    Slitherine has also converted to the well known methodology Matrix Games uses ie serial and no friggin annoying DRM processes.

    Just installed and started it up in my Vista 64 OS and ran without complaints.

    So what are you waiting for? Get some cheap and easy Nappy in your day while you can I don't know how long the sale is due for, but you might have missed it if you wait till tomorrow.
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