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PR: Matrix Games Announces Advanced Tactics

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  • PR: Matrix Games Announces Advanced Tactics

    PR: Matrix Games Announces Advanced Tactics

    Matrix Games and VR Designs are proud to announce Advanced Tactics! Building off of the success of the enormously popular People's Tactics, Advanced Tactics offers players a robust interface and flexible gaming system that will allow for addicting, but realistic, recreation of a variety of historical periods and even some fictional ones!
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    Very cool too. Vic is a genuine "little guy" operation, and anyone that likes to say they like to buy games from the little guy operations as a show of support, will want to be thinking of taking an interest in Vic's creation.
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      I played People's Tactics once or twice. It seemed okay, though my biggest complaint was mustering a new unit. Reading the manual, it's about a 4-step process to create a new unit, add men to it, etc... I actually never got it figured out.

      Other than that, though, gameplay was kind of fun.
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