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  • Zombies Don't Pay Taxes

    Zombies Don’t Pay Taxes is a top-down turn-based tactical game based on Thrallsoft’s own tactical game engine. The player will take control of a group of armed individuals – security guards, police, military, or other survivors – opposing a growing horde of zombies. Faced with a dwindling supply of ammunition and healthy companions, the player will need to use strategy and quick thinking to fight, evade, or otherwise deal with a large number of enemies. The randomly generated characters are persistent throughout the game, and have a range of skills which improve with use. This begs the question: do you send your best fighter to deal with the hardest front, knowing he may perish, or do you sacrifice the guy who doesn’t know which way to point his gun, because… well who cares about him anyway?

    I'd really love to leave links to our gameplay videos, kickstarter campaign, or even our website here, but I haven't made enough posts to do so. Seems odd, but I'll leave this here anyway, for the curious.

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