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Firefight - real time WW2 game for iPads

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  • Firefight - real time WW2 game for iPads

    Hi, I'm new here, my name's Sean O'Connor and I've been writing computer games for the last 20 years based in Cambridge in the UK - mostly on Windows but now on iOS too.

    I wrote a real-time WW2 simulation game for Windows called 'Firefight' back in the 90s and I've just completely re-written it for iPads. These forums won't let me post a direct link to my game but if you search for "Firefight" on the AppStore you should be able to find it! (Its full name on the AppStore is "Firefight - WW2")

    It plays a bit like the game 'Close Combat' but I think I model things more accurately (e.g. tanks have gears, and brake levers to steer themselves) and better AI too.

    Please let me know what you think!
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