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  • Second Contact -TBS Game Announcement

    Last month, we at Computer Top Games announced the development of Second Contact, a turn based strategy game focusing on PvP and social gaming.

    Set in the distant future, the game will consist of 3 factions vying for control of the planet Haven. Battles will between players with turn timers lasting anywhere from 5 minutes to 48 hours. Do you love "Words with Friends" but wish you had the option to blow up your opponent up? Second Contact is aiming to be "War with Friends"!

    Players will be able to buy/sell and trade units that can be customized to many different fighting styles. Gamers will also have the ability to form leagues and join tournaments where participants an win unique in-game items such as special units and upgrades.

    Second Contact hopes to give turn based strategy and table top gaming fans alike a game that will focus on why all of us started playing in the first place: gaming with our friends.

    Second Contact Website

    Second Contact Twitter

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    Just wanted to let everyone know that now ALL contributions to our indiegogo campaign will receive a future invite to Second Contact's beta test!

    Also check out our website, we have a new Developer Journal posted and we are going to announce the second unit of the game this week.

    Second Contact Website

    Second Contact Indiegogo Campaign

    Computer Top Games


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      Just wanted to let everyone know we are still hard at work!

      We posted a few new pics of game art as well:


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        We want to invite everyone to take a look at our new and improved website for Second Contact:

        We have some new information as well as some 3D and concept artwork.

        We have also added a "Ask the Devs" section where you can post your questions about the game, and you guessed it, a Dev will answer it!
        Second Contact Q & A


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          The "Ask the Devs" section is a great idea. Are you getting a lot of random questions? We might have to add this feature to our site @AlinaDigitalDev, hope you don't mind if we "borrow" your idea!


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