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  • NSDM Schedule for Origins 2007

    Origins brings you sixteen lectures by the NSDM Staffers – more than
    ever before!

    Thu/10am-noon: Global Hot Spots – 2007 Update
    (Presenter: LTC Jaime Laughrey, USA)
    What population, cultural, resources, and economic “drivers” shape the
    strategic environment? What might future war look like? Who might
    start it? A review of the world to see where trouble exists, and to
    project where it might start.

    Thu/noon-2pm: U.S. Strategic Options and Strategy Development
    (Presenter: LTC Jaime Laughrey, USA)
    How will the U.S. fight al Qai’da and it’s allies, conduct related
    counter-insurgencies; rebuild Afghanistan and Ira; face potential
    security challenges from Iran, North Korea, and China; and deal with
    other contingencies in the years ahead?

    Thu/2pm-4pm: Air and Space Power 101
    (Presenter: Lt Col Robert Blanke, USAF)
    “America = airpower.” No U.S. conventional infantryman has died by
    enemy air attack since 1952. We rule the skies. Space, too. What
    advantages accrue? What threats to this dominance exist?

    Thu/6pm-8pm: The Long War
    (Presenter: LTC Jaime Laughrey, USA)
    What’s the state of al Qai’da and associated terrorist groups today?
    Are they still a threat? What are the U.S. and our allies doing? What
    remains to be done?

    Thu/8pm-10pm: The Russian Navy – It’s Still There, and Modernizing
    (Presenter: Dan McDonagh, NAVAIR)
    Russian seapower. Naval policies, doctrines. Industrial base,
    geographical situation, technological capability, national tradition,
    and political resolve. Procurement from foreign sources. Platforms and

    Thu/10pm-midnight: Submarine and Anti-Submarine Warfare
    (Presenters: CAPT Mark McDonagh, USNR, and Dan McDonagh, NAVAIR)
    The various types of submarines and their missions. Submarine and
    anti-submarine doctrine, platforms, sensors, weapons and tactics.
    Presented by a veteran submariner and an ASW coordinator.

    Fri/10am-noon: Islam Primer
    (Presenter: Merle Robinson, DoD)
    What is Islam? What do its adherents believe? Who is Mohammed, how was
    Islam founded, and how did it spread? What are its denominations? How
    does Islam affect the world?

    Fri/noon-2pm: Iran: Our Biggest National Security Concern
    (Presenter: Lt Col Robert Blanke, USAF)
    The Iranian government wants to build nukes, supports the Shia
    insurgency in Iraq, and is the world’s foremost state supporter of
    terrorism. What does this mean to the U.S.?

    Fri/2pm-4pm: Joint Warfighting
    (Presenters: LTC Jaime Laughrey, USA, and Lt Col Robert Blanke, USAF)
    How do we organize to fight jointly and what is the future of joint
    operations? Two senior officers discuss this and more in a fascinating

    Fri/4pm-6pm: The Red Chinese Threat – Scarier This Year Than Last
    (Presenter: Dan McDonagh, NAVAIR)
    What is the Politburo’s policy with regard to its neighbors? What
    aggressive aspirations might they have in the longer term? How are the
    PLA, PLAN, and PLAAF armed today, and how might they be armed in the

    Fri/6-8pm: WMD Terrorism – the Next 9/11
    (Presenter: Bill Tallen, DoE)
    What is the likelihood, and what are the potential consequences of
    America’s terrorist enemies employing Weapons of Mass Destruction
    against us?

    Fri/8pm-10pm: Advise and Consent: Winning the “Other” Wars in
    (Presenter: LTC Jaime Laughrey, USA)
    What’s needed to deliver victory in the Iraqi counter-insurgency, and
    what are the non-military portions of a successful counter-insurgency

    Fri/10pm-midnight: Dieppe – “Too Big For a Raid, Too Small For an Invasion”
    (Presenter: Mike Tucker, NATO Institute of Canada)
    Of the 6,000 men involved, over 4,000 became casualties. Was it poor
    planning, bad luck or incompetence? Did politics, ambition or
    overconfidence lead to disaster on the beaches of France?

    Sat/11am-noon: Nuclear Security in the U.S.
    (Presenter: Bill Tallen, DoE)
    Terrorists want nukes; the U.S. nuclear security community keeps them
    from stealing ours. Learn the “who, what, when, where and how” from an
    18-year veteran of DoE’s security program.

    Sat/noon-1pm: Hizballah: Terrorism’s “A-Team”
    (Presenter: Lt Col Robert Blanke, USAF)
    How do we deal with the world’s most lethally competent terrorist
    organization? Learn about the terrorist group that has killed more
    Americans than anyone other than al-Qaida.

    Sat/6pm-8pm: Iraq F.A.Q. – 2007 Update
    (Presenters: LtCol Robert Blanke, USAF, and LTC Jaime Laughrey, USA)
    How are things going in Iraq? What happened since last year? Two
    former CENTCOM intelligence officers discuss this and more in an
    impartial seminar.

    Sat/8pm-11pm: Global War on Terror – 2007 Update
    (Panelists: NSDM Staff)
    DoD professionals with long experience in the field will discuss what
    motivates Islamic terrorism, what groups are involved, what governments
    support it, and what can be done in response.
    Good times!
    Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated... again...

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    Fri/10am-noon: Islam Primer
    (Presenter: Merle Robinson, DoD)
    What is Islam? What do its adherents believe? Who is Mohammed, how was
    Islam founded, and how did it spread? What are its denominations? How
    does Islam affect the world?

    I think I might have to make it a point to stop in for this one (we will of course be sponsoring the War College, so I'll be sitting right around there anyway).

    I can't wait to see how Merle presents this one!
    “To discriminate against a thoroughly upright citizen because he belongs to some particular church, or because, like Abraham Lincoln, he has not avowed his allegiance to any church, is an outrage against that liberty of conscience which is one of the foundations of American life.”


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