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BayonetGames announces Fall convention plans

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  • BayonetGames announces Fall convention plans

    BayonetGames announces Fall convention schedule

    BayonetGames announces convention schedule for Fall 2006 appearances
    TUESDAY, 19 SEPTEMBER 2006 19:30 EDT


    Columbus, OH, 19 SEPTEMBER 2006 - BayonetGames is pleased to announce that they will attend BuckeyeGameFest in Columbus, Ohio, and MACE in High Point, NC, this fall.

    BayonetGames will host a dealer table at BuckeyeGameFest VII, 28 September - 1 October, 2006 in Columbus, Ohio. BayonetGames and the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society (CABS) have scheduled a tournament for Warfighter 101: The Guards for Saturday, 30 September.

    BayonetGames will also host a dealer table at MACE in High Point, NC, 10-12 November, 2006. In addition to offering demonstrations of Warfighter system, BayonetGames will also offer the public their first look at the newly-revamped World of Esaene, with playtest games open to the public all three days. Games will begin at 8pm on Friday, and 9am both Saturday and Sunday, and registration should be completed through the MACE registration process.

    The World of Esaene was first release in 1999 and featured a high-fantasy game world and rules-light framework. The new edition of the World of Esaene updates the game world and brings it into the Open Gaming License era, with a new rules mix of classic roleplaying and interesting new characterization options.
    BayonetGames' Warfighter system is a classic hex-and-turn based wargame, with new twists on zones of control and innovative reconnaissance objectives will keep players engaged in on-the-fly tactical planning, not unlike real battalion commanders.

    For more information, see

    All of BayonetGames products are available at, where blank forms, bonus maps, and reference cards can also be downloaded.
    In the event of another forum meltdown, feel free to join us over at

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