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Origins 2018 (13-17 June)

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  • Origins 2018 (13-17 June)

    over 20000 gamers and staff in one convention center for the weekend


    GrogHeads events are now pulled out into their own sortable grid over at our site


    * Kids! The Junior General kids’ table is back! We’ve got 3 games that we’ll be running all weekend, in shorter 1-hour sessions. And for any kid who plays all 3 games at least once each, and completes 1 extra mission, we’ve got a special Junior General prize. These games are for kids age 7-14, and they must have an adult come to the table with them.

    * Team / Group events! Command Post Wargaming is back, and this year, we’ve got an old-school Kriegspiel to go with it! We also have big team games of Sergeants! and Lock’n Load Tactical, and a play-with-the-designer for Quartermaster General.

    * Tournaments! We’ve got tournaments for Table Battles, Manouevre, and Nations At War.

    * Origins War College! GrogHeads will be sponsoring/leading 4 talks at the Origins War College, and we’ve included those in our events below

    * Wait… what’s that? A Kids event that’s also a Group event?! Yep! We’ve got a big multi-board game of Commands & Colors Napoleonics specifically for the kids to play a mega-big game.

    * Oh yeah, and an open gaming table (see details at the bottom of the original article)

    In the event of another forum meltdown, feel free to join us over at

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