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  • Knights of Belsirasin (A VTT RPG Game)

    For those who want to follow along the exploits of the PC's in my Knights of Belsirasin Virtual Table Top game I will be posting summaries from the game sessions in this thread. The game is being organized via the ACG Virtual Table Top RPG Social group (feel free to join up).

    We are playing a Rolemaster/Harn RPG homebrew game using the Fantasy Grounds II VTT software.

    To set situation up for those not involved I have posted the following information;


    The Peoni Church manages almost all orphanages on Harn. At some point you were all taken in by the local Peoni Church as orphans at a very young age (most between 3-5 years old) and cared for by the Irreproachable Order (Male Clerical Order of Peoni). During that time and at a very young age (most between 3-5 years old) you were identified by representatives of a small militant sect of the Peoni Church based in western Kanday as being "special". Having been singled out, members of this group arranged for you to be transferred to and "adopted" to be raised/trained as priests at their temple located in Ryce with the local church headquartered in Dunir. However the priest at the local temple in Ryce had other intentions. This small Peoni sect were not adherent the peaceful teachings of Peoni. Instead they have taken a more militant position and interpret the teachings of Belsirasin “known as the Weeping Warrior" to be more aggressive. They are not so fond of the Peoni Church having to rely on the protection of the Church of Larani and feel they should have their own soldiers. However they also know that these actions and attitude would likely get them all reprimanded if not excommunicated even with the Peoni penchant of forgiveness. For that reason the real training has been kept out of sight and well secreted. Although you have been well trained in the teachings of Peoni (as part of your cover) and are very knowledgeable acolytes you have also had other militaristic training. Only a few of the priests at Ryce and your other trainers know the true story.

    In the Peoni Church every month from the 14th through 17th is held the Greater Sepelah also known as the purification ritual. It is during this time when all the priests are attending this ritual you are sent away to spend this time cloistered at a small villa (with high walls) under the guise of gardening and reflecting on your religious teachings. It is during this time you encounter the mysterious knights who come to train you for those four days in the art of combat and the way of the warrior. Each knight spends 2 years making these monthly pilgrimages and providing your training. After two years he is replaced by another and is never seen again. During their time with you, each knight focuses on certain aspects of warfare such as scouting, riding, tracking, the spear, bow and sword. They teach much more but some things are forgotten over time due to lack of interest or you simply lack the innate talent to retain those particular skills.

    Another winter has come to an end and it is the first day of the New Year. And so it has been for the better part of 20 years, until today. This morning you have been awakened earlier than usual and your presence requested at the main chapel. Today is the day you will put your training to use in the real world.

    It is Nuzyeal 1st in the Year 720 TR.
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    Nuzyeal 1st in the Year 720 TR.

    The PC’s have been summoned in the early morning hours to the main Peonian chapel of the Abbey at Ryce.

    There, Valdek of Haldor, the current high priest is waiting for them.

    “Today you being the next phase of your journey where you will be able to use all the knowledge of the past 20. You are headed to Hebon Keep by ship and then on to Mezint Manor to meet your new teacher. Take the rest of the day packing your belongings as you will not be returning anytime soon.” He continues, “Tomorrow afternoon we will leave Ryce and go to the port at Dunir. There we will board a Laranian vessel who will take us to Hebon. From there, it is a 16 hour sail. ALL your weapons will be crated up for the journey as we will be travelling under the guise of pilgrims. Each of you can take any personal funds you have saved up during your time here.”

    Cutter and Maximus voice concerns about pirates and rations for the trip. Valdek allays their fears explaining there are few if any pirates long their intended route and food for the trip has already been arranged.

    Having received a basic overview of events that will take place over the next day, the players return to their rooms to pack. Maximus and Cutter take extra time to sharpen their weapons before they are crated.
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      GAME SESSION I (Part II)

      Nuzyeal 2nd in the Year 720 TR.

      The next day under an overcast sky the players assemble in the courtyard. A few notice that there is an unusual chill in the air this morning. They approach Valdek who is already there waiting for them. He motions them over to a small table near the front gate where he has laid out a map of the Kingdom of Kanday.

      Pointing to their current location on the map, Valdek addresses the group.

      “We will leave Dunir in the early afternoon and arrive in the port at Hebon sometime in the early morning tomorrow. Once arriving at Hebon we will meet with our contacts there to arrange horses and wagons and will then travel south and west to Mezint.”

      Cutter interjects, “Those contacts Val, are there any on the ship we might want to know about on our mission?”

      “Cutter, the story we will go by is that we're acolytes of the Peonian Church, and we're following our master Valdek”, adds Maximus.

      Valdek nods his head in agreement with Maximus’ assessment, then continues, “No one on board the ship has any idea. As far as they know, they are escorting Peoni pilgrims and a priest to Hebon, and that is all they need to know. A reminder, weapons must remain hidden at all times, daggers and maybe a hand axe would be OK until we reach Hebon, then a spear/staff would be acceptable. Once reaching Mezint all weapons need to be hidden again lest the peasant see them. Of course as it can be easily hidden beneath your acolyte robes, your armor can be worn on the journey.”

      “Now back to the map. Here is your final destination. The manor at Mezint. At Mezint you will tutor under Sir Kaen Mezine, the lord and knight there. His son will work with you as well. At all times you will remember your station as acolytes.”

      "We understand Master Valdek, what will Sir Mezine be teaching us?” asks Gunnar Ludin.

      “And what does he look like?” adds Maximus.

      Valdek responds, “The main goal is for you to increase your weapon skills and Sir Mezine will be in a better position to let you practice in and around his manor without drawing attention as it would here at the abbey. You will assist him by scouting the woods, confronting brigands, hunting, etc. Also, as part of your cover, you will be responsible for rebuilding the Peonian shrine at Mezine and administering to the masses. In and around the manor you will retain your acolyte personas lest the masses get suspicious, so no weapons.

      A look of concern on his face “Even my handaxe?” asks Maximus “that's the reason I chose it, over the sword... it is so mundane.”

      And then Cutter jumps in, “but stored closely and we can have our daggers, right?”

      “Sir Mezine and his family know your identities but no one else. And Maximus, a hand axe would be ok since you can chop wood with it as well.”

      “Good, good “Maximus replies”, I will carry it at all times in a well-worn sheathe, so the people will know that I'm a hardworking acolyte, who takes his job seriously...”

      Interrupting, Gunnar Ludin chimes in, “While I am greatful for my training here I look forward to the chance to put it to use in real world situations.”

      “Maximus, you may be happy to know that there is a friend of yours who will be going along with us to help with the restoration of the shrine. One Gordy of Flaren, a journeyman Timberwright. He will be picking out the trees from the lords forest for the necessary wood.

      “Old Gordy. It would be good to see him again. We use to call him Guileless Gordy, he's got a face so innocent you'd think he was an angel, but inside, well, let's just say he's surprised quite a few people hehehe. A man after my own heart.“

      “Sir Mezine will not necessarily be in charge of you all BUT you must respect his position as lord there. Your activities will be coordinated through him for the most part so he can help prevent others from stumbling onto your activities. If there are no other questions we will leave once the wagons are loaded.”

      As the other acolytes of the abbey finish loading the wagons their drivers head off in the direction of Dunir. Valdek beckons to follow the path of the wagons on foot. The group passes some regular peasants and other seemingly innocent travelers. After about a 2 hours walk the group arrives at Dunir. The wagons head to the dock, stopping at a ship appears to be getting ready to set sail. The drivers dismount and help the crew begin transferring the cargo to the ship. The crew seems to consists of 6 men and then 4 armed Laranian guards.

      Gunnar Ludin breathes in the sea air and walks up and down the dock looking over the ship and crew. The others of the groups scan the area for danger in particular the 4 Laranian guards.

      Eyeballing the guards Cutter mumbles to himself, “some help if we get into trouble at least, hope the guards are good.”

      The dock is filled with workers and travelers moving too and fro, the typical hustle and bustle of an active port.

      Lagging behind on boarding the ship Cutter rushes to catch up when his path is suddenly blocked by a large man dressed in red and white which clearly this man is a member of the Checkered Shield, a Laranian Fighting Order. Three others stand move in behind him (they are holding spears and round shields). Cutter looks anxiously to his left and right hoping that one of the others has observed his plight.

      The large man looks Cutter straight in the eyes and asks, “Where's Torien that pig friend yours? He wouldn’t be leaving town before I get the chance to settle an old score would he?”

      “HHMM, haven’t seen him since yesterday,” cutter replies “why is that, what do you want with him? I could relay a message if you would give me your name good sir?”

      The man nervously rubs the hilt of his broadsword (still sheathed) and says "I owe him for a past transgression and I am to make payment next time I see him". When you see him you tell him Arsyn of Loldis is loking for him. He will know who I am and why.” With that he walks away and the others follow him.

      Maximus , who by this time has moved up behind the 4 men to get a better position on the situation mutters to himself, “Arsyn? No doubt his friends call him Ars.”

      As the 4 men disappear into the crowd Cutter determines that the leader of the groups appears to have been a Corporal of the Checkered Shield from the looks of his uniform.

      As they go Maximus walks up to Cutter and says, “Oh well, the day waits for no one. Let's board and be on our way, its getting late.
      As Cutter climbs on board he approaches Valdek. “Val, know anyone by the name of Arsyn, a "friend" of Torien?”

      “That large Laranian fellow? I see he has a long memory that one and a thirst for vengeance. Hardly befitting a follower of Larani. Best to steer clear of him and any other Laranians for a while.”

      “I see, thanks for the info.” Then as Cutter takes a position at the bow of the ship he looks back over the crew for a minute, especially the Laranian guards. The he looks up and notices they are on board a Laranian flagged vessel.

      Slowly the ship moves away from Dunir and out to sea. Although a seaworthy ship you notice you still stay close to shore. During the journey the group helps out the sailors, trying to learn as much about the ship as possible, and keeping an ear out for gossip and anything useful the crew might let slip.

      Seeking more information on the dockside encounter Cutter pulls one of the guards aside and asks if he knows of this Aryn fellow.

      “You mean Corporal Arsyn?”, replies the guard. “Yes, he's a member of the Checkered Shield. A bit of a hot head they say. A good man in a fight although he has a tendency towards giving no quarter. Rumor has it that many an Agrikan soldier has been summarily executed after surrendering to him in battle. He seems to be a favorite among some of the more extreme Laranian religious zealouts. Other than that I cannot say.”
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