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  • 2nd place games (your picks)

    Ok on the premise that we all will likely acknowledge there are a selection of wargames out there (I am talking only wargames today) that collectively are considered the best of the best, the idea I have for the thread is, what came in second place?

    Steel Panthers (Matrix Games or SP CAMO they are essentially considered to be equal here).
    Clearly owns 1st place for squad level tactical turn based.

    Who is in second place?

    Combat Mission owns squad tactical in 3d.

    Who is in second place?

    Panther Games Airborne Assault series owns real time at the company and higher tactical scale.

    Who is in second place?

    Close Combat rules squad tactical in real time.

    Who is in second place?

    Operational pretty much is owned by TOAW 3 thanks to it covering any setting I can think of. Although SSG's Decisive Battles series is a heck of a runner up.

    Other than SSG, who is in second place?

    Grand Strategy is a tricky beast. I will leave this one wide open and not nominate a defacto first place, and just allow everyone to debate it fully.

    I'm going with Strategic Command 1 simply because it rules easy to play, although I like the detail of Commander Europe at War, while it is hard to say War in the Pacific has competition for thorough other than it fails hard on the fun o meter.

    I'm inclined to pick GGWaW AWD for my second place pick. It's fully global, not anal of detail, and a reasonable game. Pity about the graphics.

    For the sheer awesome magnitude of board gameness award, I am picking AGW although if I had a better chance to look at Computer War in Europe I might side with it.

    Some day if we ever get Computer World in Flames we might have enough choices that we can ponder grand strategy and board gameness more so.
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