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  • Ow my head hurts (damn brick wall)

    That is rapidly becoming my sentiment as a wargamer.

    If it isn't copy protection schemes (that are worthless regardless of whether they are annoying/intrusive/offensive/damaging or all of the above), then it's insistence on designs that make it so the AI WILL be involved in your game ie real time games, you generally play them against an AI in most cases.

    None of the above is an issue with old style played on a table board games.
    They don't come with DRM, you don't need a serial number to open the box.
    It's assumed you either have an opponent, or you are playing solo. You WON'T be playing against an adversary known to be an idiot (ok so maybe some of your friends actually do suck ).

    Seems like a dreadfully boring and entirely frustrating experience with electronic wargaming.

    Damn near no interest in just telling people to STFU about needing an AI. Come on, if your life sucks, and you live out of town, and no one will play with you, either move in town, get more social skills, or just STFU please.

    And I reeeeeeally want to scream whenever someone tries to defend ANY form of DRM or license scheme or means of protection.
    Fact one, you are ONLY pissing off the people you have willing to pay.
    Fact two, just type in the name of your game into a Google search, add the word torrents, presto, see, your game is downloadable. Welcome to the 21st century. Congrats, your method of protection clearly isn't working.
    Happy now?

    None of the above is an issue with old style played on a table board games.
    Why am I still pursuing electronic wargaming..... really? I want to know why?
    I get all sorts of flaky, pointless defenses. In the end, sorry they don't rate.

    Been wondering about a couple of games. I have to wonder, why am I even interested?
    Computer War in Europe. Maybe I should just buy the board game if I like it so much. I likely WILL end up playing it solo. So mentioning anything connected to it being better on my computer falls a bit flat sometimes.

    Strategic Command Global. Ok even if I say screw it and suck it up and accept the eLicense, it's still a computer wargame, which means an AI, which means a doofus opponent.
    I could play it solo, but hell, I own the best grand strategy board game wargame ever made already. Actually I own both if you consider some think I meant Advanced Third Reich and some think I meant World in Flames.
    I have to wonder, why am I not playing the real number 1 choice?
    And there is Warplanner, so I CAN play another bloke online if I am willing to get off my butt and do so.

    Lately, my only real decent objective, seems to be to bitch and chew till someone does something like release Airborne Assault or Battles in Italy onto the PS3 market.
    Or complain and gripe about wanting more than just Panzer Tactics and Commander Europe at War on the Nintendo DS market.

    I'm really not overly excited about playing yet more more of the same wargames on my PC. I'm not getting any younger, and neither is the rest of my wargaming brethren. Going to be a day when I will be lucky to be able to sit long in an office chair. I'd rather be sitting in my lazy boy if I must play a non board game.
    I can still manage the board game, for a while yet at least.

    And board games, they still count as better made than anything you have bought for your computer lately. All I get out of a PC game, is I don't need to keep the dust off of it. Man what a fascinating selling point. PC wargames, winning the war on dust.
    Last edited by LRB; 11 Apr 10, 08:33.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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