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    You know when you're just bimbling around the internet and you come across a story that just makes you blink and think "This has to be a wind up?!"

    Well here's today's. My first thought was its an early April fools joke or something. However I can't find anything that suggests this is the case. In fact the above IGN review sounds rather like its Legit. I've not been to the site (as I'm at work, and it might raise some eyebrows) but still.
    Winnie says
    "He fell out of a Gestapo car, over a bridge, and onto a railway line. Then was run over by the Berlin Express.

    It was an Accident."
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    Yeah I heard about this today through another forum site actually.
    They were laughing about it there too.

    Think phone chat services with supposedly sexy ladies on the other end of the line who in reality are likely blind dates from hell in person

    It's the internet though and nothing is actually weird about this.
    Ok it is weird in it's own way.

    But the comments I have seen have been mainly 'why didn't I think of that?'.
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      Sadly I think this will be very profitable. Apparently the demand is already VERY high. We'll see how it goes a year from now..


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        The point where people think it's a good idea to hire a girl to play with you is the point you need to stop playing.


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