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Tropico III-Which version should I get?

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  • Tropico III-Which version should I get?

    One game that I've been wanting too get badly recently and also one that is at the top of my game wish list is Tropico III. However I'm having a hard time deciding which version to get? Ether the PC version or Xbox 360 version?

    I'm in this dilemma because I'm hesitant to use my laptop which is good for running games on(but is also my college computer). Or my Xbox 360 which Tropico III is also offered on because I'm afraid gameplay could be changed from the more predominant PC version of the game. Which means I could miss out on some features of the game that are in the PC version but no the Xbox 360 version(I've experienced that with a couple of games before)?

    So I ask myself what version should I get?

    Any opinions on this issue?

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