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    I rember getting Close Combat: Normandy from the Library
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      Diplomacy and Risk in my pre and early teens. Stratey and Tactics magazine games in high school. Fall of Rome, American Civil War and CA were the first. Purchased Mech War 1977/1944 and Terrible Swift Sword, and Drang Nach Osten. Then on the the Avalon Hill classics but TSS and DNO hooked me on the monsters.
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        Besides Stratego and Risk, there was the old Milton Bradley game, Dogfight. Jutland was the first dedicated historical wargame I owned followed by the classic AH lineup: Blitzkrieg, Tactics II, Afrika Corps, Gettysburg, Waterloo, Bulge, Midway and Stalingrad. Fun days when there was such a thing as the neighborhood hobby store with plastic models, model rockets, electric trains, slot cars and those great games.


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          Panzer Leader.

          Wargames couldn't be bought in small town eastern Canada at that time. The uncle of a friend bought the game for him on a trip to the US.

          We had never heard of such a thing, he brought it to school to see who would be interested in playing. He and I were hooked!
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            1963 - AH's "Gettysburg!" I wish I had a small percentage of the money I have spend on wargames. But, I don't regret the expense. t


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              Tactics II here as my 1st board game and then any AH I could my hands on. Minatures in the Marines and then PC games. There was an old cheesy Commodore 64 game Battle of the Bulge I loved...
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                My first board game was Dungeon, followed by Russian Campaign and Aces High
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