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    I see the modern day version of D&D being some of the new totally open world survival games such as Ark Survival Evolved and Atlas.

    Ark especially offers role playing on PC in several of the mod maps and private servers. There is a map set up on a wild west theme complete with western town and the wildlife customized for that map. Another map is designed around Game of Thrones. There is a Steampunk mod where you can live in that world of brass, gears, electrical sparks, and steam power. And, of course, you can pit your survival skills in numerous maps and mods featuring tamable dinosaurs and mystical creatures.

    Atlas is more structured around a Pirates of the Caribbean theme with mystical creatures and tamable birds and mammals. It features a huge ocean world with thousands of unique islands rich in resources waiting for your discovery. You team together, build ships and go exploring for glory and treasure. While the official on line world will soak up all of your time in forming alliances with other players to explore, fight for control of your territory, and protect your company, the same world is available for local hosting with up to seven of your friends. You will battle NPC pirates in order to claim their island, Ships of the Damn where you can get loot, rescue and hire the slaves for NPC crew members, and search for treasure also defended by the undead. The game is such that it is possible to man a ship of the line with NPC crew, or take a treasure away from a dozen undead pirates using your army of easily tamed warthogs.
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