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  • Take Command: Fredericksburg Mod

    Take Command: Fredericksburg download and forum here

    You've read the books. You've watched the movies and documentaries. You've shouted "Burnside you idiot!".
    But, can you do better? Can you take the Heights! Now is your chance to Take Command.

    The modders of MadMinuteGames Take Command series have released Take Command: Federicksburg.
    After more than 6 months of effort, Tom "Tomcattwo" Stevenson and Mark S. "MarkT" Tewes and Gary Laga, have produced the best new map and new scenarios released to date.
    The mod includes a new, stunning, 3D representation of the town of Fredericksburg and Maryes heights with 50 new 3D buildings and objects and more than 20 new scenarios.

    Visit the MMG forum for more screenshots and info.
    Here are some quick screenshots and 3D object comparisons:

    Fredericksburg from Stafford Heights (Union lines)

    Fredericksburg from the north

    Railroad bridge from the Union Lines

    Innis House and the Stone Wall (2007 and in game)

    "Brompton", home of John Marye, on Marye's Heights

    Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church

    Fredericksburg Courthouse

    James Horace Lacy House on Stafford Heights

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