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  • PeaceMaker

    Just ran across this game... looks like a political strategy/simulation of sorts where you play as either the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President, and work to make peace in the region:

    About the Game
    * PeaceMaker is inspired by real events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    * Be a leader and bring peace to the region before your term in office ends.
    * PeaceMaker is two games in one: play both the role of the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President.
    * Play the news: how would you react to the events in the Middle East presented using real news footage and images?
    * Depending on what you bring to the table, we have three difficulty levels to choose from including calm, tense and violent.

    Design Assumptions
    * Winning state is the two state solution
    * You can make a difference!
    * The other side wants peace too
    * You lack complete control of your own side
    * Small concrete steps, not grandiose plans
    * "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the possible"
    The site has 2 demos (tutorial, full) available for download (PC/Mac):

    Looks kind of interesting. Anyone play it?
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    sounds quite different... I'll have a look. Thanks
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