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  • Partisan

    ND Games, a production and development division of Noviy Disk announces Partisan – a new heroic action-based RPG set during WWII.

    Our hero, a former Red Army captain, demoted during prewar repressions, finds himself on the frontline. Outnumbered and outgunned by the superior German forces, his battalion was destroyed and his few surviving friends were captured.

    Fighting his way through occupied territory, our hero will liberate his comrades, reveal the mysteries of a secret weapon and foil the enemy’s plans.

    The storyline brings the hero into contact with NPCs that will help him survive: weapons vendors, allies that will fight on his side and peaceful civilians who provide quests or supply information.

    Game features:
    • A unique combination of action and tactics with RPG features
    • Different mission styles, ranging from violent street fights to carefully planned stealth operations
    • A wide range of combat tactics lets players find their own combat methods
    • Various levels, ranging from idyllic landscapes to ruined cities and formidable underground fortifications
    • A rich set of character skills that can be improved
    • A vast amount of WWII-period weapons ranging from well-known models to experimental prototypes
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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    Ok, a WWII RPG. That's cool enough.
    "I am not an atomic playboy."
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