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    Just ran across this indie game developer's site, and thought I'd toss out a couple links for interesting-looking games:

    Slay: (Turn Based Strategy, "conquer the world" theme)

    Firefight: (WWII Squad-level RTS, apparently similar to Close Combat)

    The General: (Stratego clone; this is actually what led me to the site)

    Looks like there are both free and paid-for versions of the programs. Thought I'd mention these here since I haven't seen them before and to help out the developer.
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    Firefight is actually not too bad to play.

    What most might not know, is Matrix Games once tried to release this. They don't speak much about it, and you won't find much if any evidence they ever touched it.

    It didn't do too well. Sort of like how Eric Young Squad Assault is likely on the list of games best left undiscussed
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      A list of free computer wargames.

      A couple sites I visit regularly, Found Dwarf Fortress through them. (A insanely complicated and awesome rougelike where you control a bunch of dwarves.)


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