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"Undo" Feature in Wargaming

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  • "Undo" Feature in Wargaming

    I've been playing Battle for Wesnoth a bit lately, and have found myself needing to use the game's "undo" feature to take back an errant move on occasion. The game won't let you undo a movement that ends in combat, or if it uncovers something "hidden" in the game. It will, however, let you move different units into combat range of the enemy, view the projected outcome, then undo the move and do the same with a different unit.

    Just wondering what people think of having an "undo" feature in computerized war games (or if there is an equivalent in tabletop games -- "do over"?). I've also been playing a PBEM game in Campaign 1776, and am told repeatedly by the game (because I am a slow learner), "Undo feature is disabled in email game." Can it be used to approximate something that a career military commander would know anyway? (i.e. in my previous example, the experienced commander would already know which unit would be better suited for combat) Or is it just something that can be too "gamey"?

    (Feel free to delve into the save/restore game issue as well!)
    I don't care one way or the other
    I think it's fine, and I use it on occasion
    I think it's fine, but I personally don't use it
    I don't like it, and never use it
    I don't like it, but I still do it from time to time
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    I will occiasionally use when I am basically learning a game and do something totally unintended due to misunderstanding the interface, but aside from that it is just too gamey.
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      I wish I had it a couple of nights ago in HOI2: DoomsDay. By accident, I put my nuclear power plant in Norfolk, right on the East coast. Ooops.
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        Some games prevent it. I don't mind the undo function when you simply made a mistake and clicked somewhere you didn't intend to, but sometimes it can be used to recon the enemy's position. A game like Battles in Normandy has a good compromize, you can undo as long as you don't detect a new enemy unit, but if you do then it's too late to backtrack.


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          It's a great illusion that computer wargames are superior defacto to board game wargames.

          Part of this illusion comes to us because of how computer wargames thanks to software not being physical, can do the fog of war thing so effortlessly.

          Now, if you allow for a casual built in undo option, players simple abuse it as a form of limited recon. Leap forward see nothing undo. Gentlemen, seeing nothing is tactical input just as much as seeing something.

          Yes sometimes you will click on the mouse before checking to see where you were clicking or on what was responding to your click. And this will lead to gaffes that can really mangle the current situation. It happens.

          Just be glad you can't knock over the counters even if you do bump the computer table. Be glad your cat can't walk across the board. Your 2 year old can't chew one of the counters. Your buddy can't spill his drink on the charts. Your wife won't hassle you for using the table for long periods of time.

          The undo button is just something the clumsy amongst us require. Sort of like how some of us would rather sit alone playing the AI, rather than hunt down a human opponent.

          I don't have any desire to have a undo feature. I never allow it's use in games I play against people when the option can be turned off as well.
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            There are times I'd like to have it as a 'what if' button, but having saves each turn sort of allow for it anyway in some games. When playing through a game though, I generally have not used nor will use it. Now saving a game and going off in one direction to see how it works and then coming back to the 'save point' and trying something else... I do that often enough. I'm for it except when playing in multiplayer mode or some sort of tournament ladder mode, just to have it.
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