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    Found something I think is very interesting this weekend, want to share it with you all here. I am doing freelance work with The WarCry Network, where there was recently posted the article Dungeons and Dragons: 4th Edition Q&A. Much of the article describes the creation of "a new online digital initiative named Gleemax". At first reading, it looked to me to be just another social network for gamers, and at its base, it is. However, further reading drew my attention to two particular points (both on page 2):
    "So with D&D Insider, the Dungeon Master can build his dungeons or maps, you will get your minis, and play right there online. The Dungeon Master gets to set up his map, traps, monsters and such, while the players get to completely customize their characters, the looks, the backgrounds and such, and then drop them right on the map. Think of a character creator from a MMO like WoW. There is a dice roller, so you can see the dice, pick them up and roll them, and everyone will see this. It has built in voice over IP, so you will be able to actually talk to everyone in your group, just like you were sitting at a table."

    If he's really saying what I think he's saying, huzzah! This is something I have pondered for many a year. To my knowledge, right now, the best and closest one can get to playing classic D&D via online is by using the Aurora Toolset that comes with Neverwinter Nights (1 and 2). Man, that's a lot of work. I attempted to make a small dungeon with NWN awhile back, but even with their detailed guide, it was just too much C++ computer language for my feeble mind. So, if this D&D Insider part of Gleemax works like I'm thinking, I, as DM, will be able to gather a group of players and play through Ravenloft and other such notables, each of us from the comfort of our own homes.

    Now, more to our much beloved wargames focus, this comment also caught my eye:
    WarCry: So wait a second. Are you saying you are taking Avalon Hill war games, and basically putting the board online, so and I could play from anywhere around the world with my friends?

    Iija Rotelli: That's what we are doing. In fact you can look forward to all of your Avalon Hill favorites like Axis and Allies. You will be able to play your friends in that and many other games right on Gleemax.

    Again, if he's saying what I think he's saying, don't throw out those boxed wargames just yet! We'll be able to play them through cyberspace. The website also mentions "miniature war games".

    In short, Gleemax sounds like it has solved the problem many of us in this niche of (war)gaming often bemoan - the ability to find opponents close by to challenge wits with. Of course, the truth remains to be seen and experienced, but with claims like this, I certainly wanted to make my fellow gamers here aware. I'm gonna try to dig some more info out for you, because I'm excited about seeing if these aspects of Gleemax are honest. Stay tuned!
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