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Jade Empire: Special Edition Review

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  • Jade Empire: Special Edition Review

    Ryan reviews Jade Empire. Here's the link:

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    I really wanted to love this game, i had been looking forward to it since i heard that it was to come out on pc. But i could not get past the controls, i just had the hardest time dealing with combat in the game. I was thinking of giving it a try on the xbox to see if using a controller will make things easier for me.
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      jay, what I found out to be helpful was to get an XBox adapter for $8 and use the XBCD drivers, then map the controls that way. In effect, it makes Jade Empire into the XBox game. I didn't attribute that in the review as it mandates that you do a lot of things that the PC game doesn't support by default.


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        That's a good idea. I've been meaning to buy a wired 360 controller so i can use on my pc as well as 360.


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