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  • 2007 London Games Festival

    27 July 2007 – As one of the world’s most famous cities, London is a cultural hotbed for every kind of industry from banking to fashion. This October the capital plays host to the video games industry as the London Games Festival brings the very best of the gaming world to life in the city. The 2007 London Games Festival will see a selection of over 40 events taking part in locations across London from 22 - 26 October 2007.

    Following on from the success of last year’s festival, the 2007 London Games Festival is bigger and better than ever before, with a focus on creating positive, engaging events for a mainstream audience as well as core gaming fans. Over 40 different events have already been confirmed by major industry players in key London locations and dozens more fringe events are being planned by newcomers to the industry. Supported by everyone from publishers to personalities and trade bodies, London Games Festival is supported by publishers including Activision, Atari, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Konami, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega and Ubisoft, with more to be announced soon.

    Reflecting on London’s huge wealth of culture, London Games Festival will offer a staggering diversity of entertainment ranging from live concerts, to art installations and professional gaming tournaments. With something for everyone to enjoy, whatever their taste or gaming experience, this event is designed to highlight the industry and help increase awareness and uptake of its products.

    Highlights on offer this year include the British Academy Video Games Awards, celebrating the best achievements in gaming; Videogames Live at the Royal Festival Hall, a concert for around 2,000 guests; The Virtual Worlds Forum, a lecture for up to 600 guests on the corporate opportunities in virtual worlds; DWS Legal Forum, examining the legal boundaries of the industry; The Science Museum: Quantifying Immersion in Games event; the Eurogamer Careers Fair and an ELSPA forum looking at the perception of gaming.

    Keith Ramsdale, Chairman of London Games Festival commented:
    “We are delighted by the response to this year’s festival. This event is a celebration of one of the world’s most exciting industries, designed to facilitate artistic and cultural recognition, as well as raise awareness of the games industry as a whole. With a plethora of events on offer in the capital ranging from industry forums to exciting family days out, we hope that this year’s London Games Festival really will take gaming to the masses.”

    As one of the world’s fastest growing industries, gaming is now worth more than the movie industry. Traditionally a pastime identified with young men, video gaming has become increasingly more mainstream, attracting both men and women of all ages, irrespective of their gaming knowledge or experience. With more and more innovative technology being implemented week-on-week, the industry is diversifying and expanding as rapidly as its audience.

    Alongside the week of media and consumer-facing events, the London Games Festival will also hold a number of B2B events organised by the industry’s trade bodies and other organisations.

    Check out for the latest news and information about all of the events taking place this year.

    For further information on London Games Festival please contact Simon Watts (Cake) on 020 7307 3100 or Duncan Best (London Games Festival) on 020 7534 0584.
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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