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    I was thinking of the thread I have going, discussing the phoney price drop of the 60gig PS3 unit, which is really just Sony trying to ditch the current model 60gig unit. Because they plan to release the new 80gig unit, which will also drop certain portions of hardware in favour of software based solutions. And the new unit's price is going to be right back where it was 100 bucks ago.

    And even though my chances of wanting a PS3 have been 0 since the day Sony started selling the things (I have never had any interest in their machine in the first place), it still doesn't prevent me from being disgusted with them as a company.

    Sony has to be one of the few big companies out there, that seems to be more interested in what THEY think, than what the marketplace thinks. True, a company has to stick to it's own vision to some extent, but, Sony has easily taken it to limits not many other would, or even can.

    Media, how many actually did NOT hear the hubub over their music and film copy protection methods that put your hardware at genuine risk? Just one opening reason why I have no compassion for the Sony label in the marketplace.

    Hardware itself. I foolishly bought a Sony DVD player back 2-3 years ago. I thought by purchasing Sony I was getting solid quality. Well maybe it will run several years longer than my cheapo Cyberhome, or my cheapo Phillips, but ask yourself, what good is a machine that while functionally able to turn on, but won't actually play anything you put in it?
    They rate players online by such terms as "cheese pizza player" which means, you can even get it to read a friggin pizza !! (well you understand that's an exaggeration hehe).
    And it's the price. If you paid 200 bucks for a nice Sony DVD player, you got screwed for 150 bucks. You can buy functional DVD players for 50 bucks. I know. I have one.

    For me, a player needs to effortlessly play any friggin disk I put in the machine. Any brand of blank, and type of disc, any format of file used. Any region code. In addition to anything purchased off a shelf.
    A simply Sony won't do that.

    This is the 21st century, and I am simply NOT going to listen to or tolerate
    any establishment, or commercial concern dictate to me what I can and can't indulge frankly. That might vex and or frustrate or **** off some portions of the globe's legal sensibilities. I frankly couldn't care less.

    When you consider that most of the hassle of region coding has to do with just protecting the status quo, or idiotic notion of mature content in the media, I'm simply not interested.
    My video collection is a blended blur of Pal and NTSC, as my players are able to play the media regardless of what format. It's just data, and isn't even required to be formatted for dvd.

    We are told all about the wonders of Blueray, I wonder how many are aware, of all the formats that already exist. Have you ever seen how incredibly compact a DivX file is? 1 dvd can hold on average several films. I wonder, would we yet need Blueray, if they simply encoded the data better?

    I wonder how much of Blueray tech, is just tech for the sake of something to sell? How much of Blueray is just Sony insisting we have to by it there way?
    The idea that Sony can sell PS3s for 2 full years and actually LOSE several hundred on EACH unit sold is staggering. They clearly want to force the marketplace down a specific road. How much of the PS3 is about Playstation games, and how much is arrogant marketplace domination?

    Meanwhile the Wii seems to be doing ok, but let's look at what it is. It's a console machine for playing games full stop end of description. Not surprising the company is doing well, when they produced a machine that's actually not retailing for a small fortune. They designed some novelty into it, but I think the success of the Wii is more about making a toy a toy and leaving it to be a toy.

    I've been told aaaaaall about how marvelous are Blueray films. To be honest, you might as well also go on and on about how marvelous are Hummers and Ferraris too.

    Sony is not the only big Company out there that irritates me of course, but it's the one I wanted to kick around today.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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    i'm pretty much with you on this one Aries.

    although i can say that blue-ray and hd-dvd movies look great, and the movies themselves do not retail for much more than normal dvd movies. so if the movies are so cheap, then why are the players so darn expensive?

    i have seen that some hd-dvd players have gone down in price over the last few months, but untill i get an HDTV, no reason to buy either format at this time.

    the main reason i want to get a HDTV is so i can play my xbox 360 on it, so till then, i'm perfectly happy playing on my lcd monitor!


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      Aries - I think this ties in with a long-standing business philosophy that came about - IMHO - immediately post WWII: planned obsolesence.

      Priot to WWI, we enjoyed a surfeit of durable goods, stuff that literally lasted a lifetime. Post war we entered a period where the frantic wartime economy was slowing down, durable goods were now a burden on manufacturers, and thus was born planned obsolesence. We rapidly swung into the make it, break it and throw it away lifestyle that now extends even to employees and entire businesses, and along with that came the shady, sleazy business practices and advertising to support and sustain it.

      Just think - if aliens ever land on Earth, they will leave here with a bunch of shoddy hoods and cheap, thow-away souvenirs the likes of which they have probably never imagined - and Sony will sell them a few of those gizmos of yours, too.
      Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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        Yes the disposable mindset isn't something I am fond of either to be honest.

        But I don't think it's totally that at work here though.

        Sony makes a solid product, I won't call it "poorly" made. Odds are that Sony DVD player would play for a long time. But, one is left to wonder "so what", it won't play half the formats/disc types that exist. Now granted, I wish there weren't so many formats to deal with, but I think I can just forget getting that wish

        No, Sony in its desire to "do it its way" simply doesn't make players that WILL play all the formats. Maybe it's because the fact is a lot of the formats are about versatility. I can play a movie on my computer, or on my player as easily as I wish. Maybe Sony doesn't like the ease with with I can play video content. Maybe Sony can suck on my hind end too

        It's not really about designed obsolecence although that does exist. It's more about control. About Sony telling me what I will watch, how I will watch it, and how they think I actually care. Nope, I'll watch my movie on my TV through my computer if it floats my boat. Or I will play my my on my player, and view it on my generous sized computer monitor if I wish. I will watch HD/Blueray/DVD or any form like DivX entirely on my whim.

        I've seen divx files do a perfectly fine job of providing an adequate image quality. I am perfectly aware how much more awesome is the much greater data size of a Blueray film. But here's a question. If you could watch an atypical downloaded rental in divx or DVD or Blueray forms, and the first cost 3 bucks, the second 5 bucks and the third 10 bucks... if the first took you 15 minutes to download, the second 2 hours, and the third 5 hours, which do you honestly think is going to be the success in the marketplace.
        Keep in mind, 9 out of 10 rentals are crap you won't want to watch twice, and which won't look better just because it's in Blueray.
        Lord of the Rings would be great in Blueray probably.
        Something like Scary Movie though, they will be wasting their time pitching that to me in Blueray.

        This is where Sony loses me. Sony is trying to sell me technology that is a waste of my money. I also wouldn't use a Ferrari to go 3 blocks to the grocery store either.

        The majority of films are barely worth a theater price. They are also barely worth a rental, but at least you can rent it once, and everyone can watch it on the same rental cost. Some films barely make it past the cost of effort to download them.
        This is the world Sony is trying to force Blueray on. A world where 9 out of 10 films are barely worth it.
        Me, I want the market to go the other direction. I want to be able to go online, and obtain divx files for peanuts. I want to be able to browse movies that are so easy to obtain you don't have to even need to resort to "other means".
        But that won't be the Sony way. They want you to buy Blueray copies.
        I'm not interested in finding yet another way to purchase expensive films for films that simply are not worth the cost.

        Sony doesn't like it, but the fact is, they no longer have control. The marketplace CAN give Sony the finger if Sony simply won't listen.
        Life is change. Built models for decades.
        Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
        I didn't for a long time either.


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