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  • Overlord


    In Overlord you can be evil, or really evil. But how evil are you?
    Let's test your beastly behavior.

    1. A sheep tramples your lawn, do you...

    a). Use it as a lawnmower?

    b). knit a jumper?

    c). Ride it to the butchers?

    2. A frog lies on your doorstep. Do you...

    a). Keep him as a pet?

    b). Eat its legs?

    c). Put it in a blender?

    If you answered a or b for either question, thank you for playing. You're not repugnant enough. If you answered c, then Overlord is probably the perfect game for you, you maleficent, malevolent and malicious monster.

    Watch in-game action with the launch of the new video:
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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    Overlord Playable Pc Demo

    Unleash a minion horde on your PC as Codemasters announces the release of the Overlord™ playable PC demo, now available from in Downloads.

    Don the Overlord’s illustrious armour, assemble a team of fighter minions and head off for a session of serious destruction in the once tranquil area of The Mellow Hills. Descend upon the unsuspecting populace and wildlife, use your loyal minions to gather life-force from the somewhat unwilling sheep, grow the size of your minion horde, and let the Halflings-gone-bad know there’s a new boss in town.

    Make use of minion upgrades, including pumpkins as minion helmets, throw in some peasant intimidation and a show-down with the Guard Troll and you’ll have a taste of the havoc that a minion horde can wreak.

    Adopt a Minion and Rate My Evil

    In addition to the demo, PC gamers can adopt their very own minion thanks to the Desktop Minion e-toy, which is also available from the site. Simply download and install the little chap on your desktop for the ultimate in minion companionship (and random abuse).

    Plus, later this week, gamers will be able “Rate My Evil” as an interactive leader board of nastiness goes live on the website. Users will be able to rank a series of famous people and characters in order of unpleasantness and even upload photos of friends to add into the miserable mix.

    Meanwhile, experience the power of the mighty Overlord with the PC demo now available from A demo is also available from Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox™ 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®. It’s time to perfect your evil laugh; Overlord™ is coming June 29th for PC and Xbox 360.
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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      I seem to remember Overlord being a space-based semi-military game about conquering the bad guy at the other end of the star system...
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