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I think I have created a fanatic :)

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  • I think I have created a fanatic :)

    One of our membership here (name witheld to protect him ) appears to have had no experience with PC wargaming ever (yeah amazing eh hehe).

    Anyway, without knowing this in advance, as a friendly gesture I sent him a couple of dvds, one with common downloads like Steel Panthers etc and one disc with demos.

    He's over the moon for a game like Firefight Not a bad game, but, is he ever going to like PC wargaming if he's this easy to impress hehe.

    He'll be simply beside himself if he checks out the Close Combat series.

    And I am not sure he's ready for how cool the Airborne Assault series is.
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    Good for you both...he's one step away from the throttle.


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      I only started using a computer 2 yrs ago when I started my current job.I then bought a used computer from one of my co-workers.At first I was surfing the web amazed at the information I could find there.While hunting for info on wargames,I found a link to Steel Panthers.While checking it out ,it reminded me of Avalon Hill's Squad Leader,so I downloaded it and I've enjoyed playing it ever since.In fact a month ago I ordered the CD version.Since then I've invested in a few more games,War over Vietnam,Defending the Reich,and TOAW III,and I love them.there are some others I'd like to get but they will have to wait till I get a better computer.Mine's a low end type,I need a more powerful one.Hopefully I can get one soon.
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