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Commodore Unveils New PC Line

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  • Commodore Unveils New PC Line

    Commodore Unveils New PC Line

    "In a nod to the company's history, all of the systems come preloaded with a Commodore64 emulator and 50 "classic" games, the company said."
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    Commodore is cutting edge again!....hehe
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      Coo! Man, the hours I spent sitting at that keyboard....
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        Me too - I went through about 5 of the keyboards, and eventually learned how to repair them myself. I still remember raping the old dead systems for the 6526 chips, which ran the 2 joystick ports...
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          My gang and I were Atari 800/130 users and we traded pirated games constantly (that was in Europe when legal software was not available at all) but a couple times I borrowed a C64 from my friends just to play C64 games. I think as far as the games C64 was slightly better in graphics and had a better selection of software.

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