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    Lord of the Rings Online free until April 24

    "For the next 17 days feel free to go on a Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar bender. Turbine is opening up the floodgates and letting anyone who wants to experience the game play for free until the official launch April 24. "
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      Originally posted by maian View Post
      But I really need someone to explain if what I know about MMORPGs is true or not.
      I hear you on most if not all of your observations. I have seen WoW and agree that the enviorment looks neat and running around and checking things out would be fine for a bit. Like you I see hours of clicking and grinding/gearing a character up... to what end.

      For the record, I am middle aged and about all I play are board/computer - board like - games & minatures - primarily historical though I will play some sci-fi/fantasy.

      That being said, several of my friends 20ish-40ish are "hooked" on WoW or other online click fests and I have to say that the way they play is intriguing. It basically comes down to the fact that they create large 100+ person groups on line and create a virtual community to play the game. One of the women I know plays WoW +/- 40 hours per week using multiple chat channels/headset etc and really seems to have a blast. I have approached her and others with the "what do you see in this" question and invariably (with this group of individuals) it always comes down to the community + with the game/enviroment coming in second.

      They tend to spend almost as much time interacting with the members of their and competing guilds as they do playing the game. So they have created a version of their D&D groups from back in the day that are not constrained by all needing to be at the same place and supporting larger groups.
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        Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar Review @ CVG

        I'm dabbling around Middle-earth myself in the open beta, and I'm really enjoying myself. So far, I think it's a much better opening than Dungeons & Dragons Online, as I hoped it would be. No way of course to compare it to WoW, since WoW is a few years older, but LotRO does have some similarities to it and many other previous MMO's. Try it out folks!
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          that was an excellent article. i liked how the author stated the fact that all MMO's have a grind and lag, thats just how it is in MMORPG's. and also how LOTRO isnt trying to pretend to be WoW, cause it doesnt have to.


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            Originally posted by sickpup View Post
            I usually like to play some type of spell casting class in MMORPGs... and this one doesn't seem to have any magic in it.

            Plus, the combat looks like it has too much of a "my turn, your turn" feel to it.

            Who knows, though, I might give it a try...
            That's because it's Middle Earth, everyone doesn't get to run around throwing fireballs around!
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              Originally posted by Overseer View Post
              That's because it's Middle Earth, everyone doesn't get to run around throwing fireballs around!

              Not a big fan of MMO's, mate. The only one I have my eye on is Stargate: Worlds.

              SW might just break my abhorance of such titles.


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                Originally posted by jayedub7423 View Post

                now this may not change your mind about MMO's, but hopefully this will show you that Shadows of Angmar or World of Warcraft are much different than Final Fantasy, and much better than runescape.

                your description of MMO's in the first part of your post is not that far off. yes, the gameplay can be very repetitive. but what makes the MMO's different than a single player rpg is of course it being online, but it's more than that. it's about playing with other people, making friends, having a good time in this persistant world, and for many players it's also about roleplaying. there are other factors too, like most games now have crafting, and there's guilds and live events and also being able to have more than one character. this is just a basic look at a MMO.

                well, i hope i've helped you understand why someone might want to play an MMO at least. here's my suggestion, download the WoW trial, or go and pre-order Shadows of Angmar and play in the open beta, that way you can see if it's something you might be interested in. if not, you can always get your money back from the pre-order.
                THANK YOU, so much. I have never gotten it like this. An answer that just is not "Its a fun online game where you get to kill x, x and x, you should buy it!"

                I must conclude, what online game does not offer this? Games I play are Call of Duty UO, 2 and Age of Empires 2.

                I havnt spun UO in a while. For 2 I play EGG servers, I have since 04, when it was in UO too. Same people, still a community.

                Age of Empires 2. I play with a private community of experts from around the world. We play our amazing custom LOTR maps, and sometimes other select custom maps. Custom maps played how AOE is originally played.

                Same people, some new faces. I make friends, we play as teams and aganist each other in our 8 player maps. We strategise. Its all real time, its a living war were fighting. Controlling our fronts, flanks, helping each other out in battles. Always making plans of conqueror.

                I just got in one now. We have a website, our own clans that make it up, a forum, xfire, hamachi. We have made it through this game, even past the fall of the zone as a community!

                Thank you though. All try out my friends angmar and all see if I can get the extensive community feel to it our not.

                EDIT: For AoE, we have headsets and chat too.

                CoD2. For the server you must be 18. There is a childs chat for ones under 18, they were considering letting anyone in. Since so few play it. So, well see if I get to talk in that or not.
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                  if you get a chance to try out LOTRO, let us know what you think.


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