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  • LotR Online - Shadows of Angmar

    Anyone been following the development of LOR Online?
    Lost all interests in MMORPGs a while ago yet...the thought of running around Middle Earth is very tempting

    Found this nice gameplay vid on YouTube:

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    i am looking forward to this game. i'm more a fan of the LOTR movies than the books, but i think this game will be cool. i'm thinking i'm going to do the lifetime membership, way cheaper in the long run than the monthly payments.


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      I usually like to play some type of spell casting class in MMORPGs... and this one doesn't seem to have any magic in it.

      Plus, the combat looks like it has too much of a "my turn, your turn" feel to it.

      Who knows, though, I might give it a try...
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        I can tell you I'm certainly going to be trying this one out. I mean, it's Lord of the Rings! Middle Earth! I had high hopes all through the development of D&D Online, only to be disappointed with the released version. I don't like the Eberron setting. If it had been set in the Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk, or the like, I'd probably be playing it. I also am quite enjoying my time in World of Warcraft, having just begun a side project with it. But if there's another MMORPG to tempt me away, it's LotRO. And maybe if Starcraft Online ever becomes a reality.
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          this gameplay looks like it's going to be WoW with a hint og LotR

          cynical money making ploy

          hope it bombs
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            isnt it funny, every mmo now will be compared to WoW, even though all mmo's share many of the same qualities. lotro is not WoW, and if you expect it to play like WoW, then you might not like it.

            the upside to lotro is that it has lots of content from the books to draw from, the downside is that it's limited to the books and having to deal with the outcry of fanboys everywhere that are upset by the way content is inplemented.

            i am more than likely going to be doing the lifetime membership for this game, it's a good deal.


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              PCG VP Episode 31

              The newest PC Gamer video podcast has about a 12 minute look at the game. See for yourself!
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                i havent played much in the last month, seeing as how open beta will start on march 30th. but i have mine reserved, and what will be nice is i'll be able to take my beta character into the live server when the game is released, that will cool.


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                  Exclusive Crafting Video & Screenshots
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                    thanx for the link. i found that to be very intersting as crafting is one thing i havent touched in the beta.


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                      Really, I dont get whats fun in MMORPGs. Ive talked to many about it but got no answer that hasnt forced me to lie to the person so I dont have to break it to them that I think MMORPGs are bad.

                      Please, maybe you all can tell me about these games in a better fashion. Everytime I ask I get the basics that its an online game or that "Its like only Runescape BUT A LOT BETTER. You can ride stuff, better graphics, you choose a class and race etc..." Wheres the fun in that?

                      I know most of my MMORPGing from a Ragnarok Online demo, Runescape, and what I hear. All of it dissppoints me. Yet I feel like I dont understand it.

                      Heres how I view MMORPGs. You make a character, all of the stuff, race, hair, class. Then you set out on a world to try and become succesful. The game play involves clicking and moving around the world trying to get money and X item. In order to do that you need experiance. So you approach X monster and click attack. Then you watch as your guy does 5 different attack motions. Now you can choose fast attack, jab attack, or your whirlwind special ability. After about a minute of mindless clicking and watching repeated graphics you pick up items and gained experiance. Sometimes while in battle you need to drink potions.

                      Its all the same. Ive gotten pretty far in RS and gave up. Ive played a handful of Final Fantasies and gave up. Its all just clicking. Little thinking. Your skill in the game is based on your dedication. The only thing fun is it is thinking how cool of a character you have created. Something that gets exhausted for me fast. You get to X level, you get Y weapon. For what? Where does that land you? What you went through to get it is boring! It runs on these false goals that I think are frauds and not satisfying. Is the gameplay of WoW basically a mix of Runescape and Final Fantasy? Thats what I hear. If so, how boring. Then I look at the profles of my friends on xfire in Belgium and have bewildered stares when it says 40 hours of World of Warcraft.

                      Running through middle earth sounds fun, but to what extent? It has to get boring at one point, Id be sight seeing since I dont like MMORPG gameplay. You know I dont get it. I feel like there are so few that dont love these games.

                      I enjoy FPS games online and strategy games. Because its intense on the mind and requires a lot of thinking. CoD2 can be a mind blowing game. Just trysomething. Try a server with good people on TDM or DM. Its frantic, its intense. See how long you can survive. Lots of how fast can you sprint, run, jump through a window, where to hide. When to reload. Lots of thinking, aiming with the mouse, and instinct invovled. After that, find a SD server, one that has some good players. I havnt been playing Search and Destroy as much lately but when I did in CoD1 it came down to a came of hunt and mouse. 4 people left, on a big map. Your alone and need to plant an explosive. How do you do it? The timer is ticking. You can find people, listen to footsteps, bushes. You can try to plant, but wont that leave you visible? A min 30 seconds left.

                      This is where real thinking comes in. In that situation Ive found its best to position yourself near one objective. Then throw your smoke grenade at the other one. They will think you are planting their and will run there. At that point go to the other objective. Now you are planting and realise you have to gun down 3 people to get this done. So instead of finishing the plant you stop. When you plant a noise is made, so the people coming rushing back. Now you have them. Duck behind some wall, when you hear them running pop up and gun them down like sheep. When you have to reload sprint in a building or somewhere safe. There, someone is bound to be left or wounded. The sitatuion after this cannot be talked out. Yet I could give some scenarios of what would happen.

                      Or you could just plant in that situation. You will have a less surprise factor because they will probably get to you as you finish planting. All of this is fast too. When you decide to stop planting it better be right after you started so you can position yourself in a nice ambush location.

                      After doing SD. Hop on to a server with the gametype Zom. Download the mod and let the fun begin. You will now notice everything is dark and you can only see a few feet in front of you. You will also notice there are zomibes running around trying to bash you. After a few rounds of intense combat you will realise that to live you must go in a strategic spot and hold off the zombies. Or you can do the more fun and risky option. Do a few mario style jumps to get into a glitch part in the map. These jumps are hard, but once you get there the zombies will have trouble getting to you.

                      The fun in that is it takes skill to do these jumps, skilsl with pressing down the keys. Then you have to conserve your ammo to try and last a while. Some zombies will make it close to you and you will need to shoot them. Its much more relaxing, but I find its more intense and skillful then MMORPGs.

                      I hope this post made sense. Someone convince me to get Shadow over Angmar. Some friends of mine are, maybe I will enjoy it. But I really need someone to explain if what I know about MMORPGs is true or not.


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                        Still set on Warhammer Online. Though I have a 30 day free trial with the Beta.... Yet none of the servers are ever open....

                        Well it seems I missed the announcement about the Beta being finished.... Too late for me to get in and find out what its like...
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                          Oh, in case no one wants to read through my huge post. All cut it down to the main point.

                          Can someone please explain to me the gaming style of MMORPGs? Is it like Runescape, only more advanced? Anything like Final Fantasy games? Does it involve intense thinking?


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                            hey Barcelona, the closed beta just ended and the open bete starts march 30th for pre-orders, and april 6th for everyone else. so you still have time to try out the game to see if you like it.

                            now for maian, i did read thru your whole post and first of all it's Shadows of Angmar, and second, it sounds like you just are not a big rpg fan in general. nothing wrong with that.

                            i can see why you have this negative view of MMO's if you are basing them on your expierience from Runescape and Final Fantasy.

                            i have heard of Runescape, but knew nothing about it, so i decided to do a little research. it seems to be the poor man's version of Guild Wars, the game looks like crap. yes i know it's free and it's cool being java based, but it looks terrible.

                            the Final Fantasy games are what you call a japanese rpg. here's a link to a nice article in wikipedia that can give you more info on the differences between western rpgs and eastern or japanese rpgs.


                            now this may not change your mind about MMO's, but hopefully this will show you that Shadows of Angmar or World of Warcraft are much different than Final Fantasy, and much better than runescape.

                            your description of MMO's in the first part of your post is not that far off. yes, the gameplay can be very repetitive. but what makes the MMO's different than a single player rpg is of course it being online, but it's more than that. it's about playing with other people, making friends, having a good time in this persistant world, and for many players it's also about roleplaying. there are other factors too, like most games now have crafting, and there's guilds and live events and also being able to have more than one character. this is just a basic look at a MMO.

                            well, i hope i've helped you understand why someone might want to play an MMO at least. here's my suggestion, download the WoW trial, or go and pre-order Shadows of Angmar and play in the open beta, that way you can see if it's something you might be interested in. if not, you can always get your money back from the pre-order.
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                              well i got my first tasty goodness of the open beta for Shadows of Angmar. aside from the lag from so many people logging in, the game ran fine.

                              the seems really polished, most likely the main problem will be the lag from so many people wanting to play on the day of launch.


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