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    Hi all,

    I just want to let you all know that we have started a new forum and website entitled the "Panther War College". Here is an excerpt from the forum intor.

    "Panther's War College is a venue to learn and share with fellow gamers the command skills required to make you a great Panther Games armchair general. This sub-forum is completely yours. Use it as a virtual pub or as a round table, to discuss from the nimblest game-play tip to the most grandiose warfare principle.

    In addition to your valuable spontaneous input, this forum will host a particular series of "article and scenario" modules aimed at exploring to which extent military science and history can be applied into Panther Games. We are convinced that Panther Games model warfare with a high degree of realism and that if you know some principles from doctrinal publications (both modern and circa WWII) and from military history your games will be more enjoyable and your victories more decisive. The "article and scenario" modules will be about military doctrine/history and composed of an article and one or more playable scenarios. Ideally, you will read the article and discuss it in the forum and at a later stage you will share with the other gamers an after action report (AAR) about the scenarios. In order to find what fits best for the gamers' enjoyment and needs, we are going to test several variants on this basic arrangement. So please be patient.

    We ask you two things. (1) Don't be shy: there are no silly questions in this forum, we are all learning. (2) constructive criticism: learn to give it, and to receive it. Always remember that the written word lacks the contextual information of tone and body language. Many times a well intended post could be perceived as condescending or just plain hostile. A well placed smiley can go a long way! "

    I'd like to invite you all to check it out. Here are the links:

    PWC website -
    PWC forum -

    The first topic is on Tac Recon and the article and support documents are now available for download from the website.
    Dave "Arjuna" O'Connor

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