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Games that should be remastered

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  • Games that should be remastered

    Games that should be remastered -

    Great article! Quick list:

    Return to Zork
    Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn
    Ultima VII: The Black Gate
    Metal Gear Solid
    Thief Gold
    Masters of Orion II
    Warcraft II
    Civilization II
    Star Wars: Tie Fighter
    Deus Ex
    System Shock
    Doom II: Hell on Earth
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    I disagree with 90% of this list. Most of the games stand find on their own as is.

    (heck some of them aren't even that old)
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      It would be nice to have them updated to the current video capabilities of most graphics hardware.


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        TIE Fighter did get a Windows 98 makeover just before X-Wing Alliance came out. If they redo TIE Fighter with Alliance-style graphics or even better, I'm there.

        Any MOOII makeover should not be touched by anyone who had anything to do with MOOIII - I will use tactical nukes if necessary to prevent this happening. Nothing must ruin MOOII. NOTHING I tell you!

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          They left X-COM off the list, Other then that, I agree with a lot of the picks.


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            What no Diablo II?
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