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    Most Wanted Games of 2007 @
    Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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      Game Trailers: The 10 most anticipated games of 2007
      Stay Alert, Stay Alive!


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        i was checking out some of the games for 2007 again, and wow, there are some cool looking games! the ones that really caught my eye were the rpg's, some nice looking ones. but jade empire for pc is my next purchase, i hear thats an excellent game.


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          Originally posted by Doctor Sinister View Post
          Supreme Commander is THE game I'm waiting for right now - if it sucks, I'll have to leave the planet.

          Dr. S.
          I agree with Dr. Sinister. Supreme Commander is going to kick butt. I can't wait for it. With HUGE maps and duel monitor support, I too hope it lives up to the hype. Until later this month I am trying to master TOAWIII. Turns out I don't know much as I thought about tactics. Check out the video's for Supreme Commander here.

          Any game that has realistic 1MT tacticle nukes in it can't be all bad!

          If Sci-Fi RTS isn't your cup of tea. Try this one out. Check out the videos for "World In Conflict"

          Being one of the last generation of cold warriors, I have high hopes for this one as well.


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